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“Okay. You can call me back at this number,” I tell her.

“Violet, can I ask you one more thing?” she asks.

“Yes, you can ask me anything you’d like.”

“Do you have a phobia of babies or marriage?” Her question takes me by surprise.

“No. Not at all.”

“Okay then. Send me the address and we’ll be there Sunday at seven.”

“I’ll see you then,” I say before we end the call.

I sit there and think about her question for a few minutes. I hadn’t thought babies and marriage were a possibility for me, but Sebastian has changed that. I know now that I do want those things with him. That I want a real life with him.

The thought of wearing his ring and having his children excites me. I’ve always dreamed of having a family of my own. As much as I love my brother and Eden, it’s been a bit hard seeing them have it all. I want that too, and I want it with Sebastian.

My phone goes off in my hand with a message from the front gate. I read it twice, taking a deep breath before making my way to the main house. When I enter, I see my brother, who is already heading toward the front door.

“Miles,” I call after him.

“They can fuck off” is all he says as he keeps on going.

When Miles pulls open the door, a woman and a man are standing in the front entryway in ill-fitting suits. There is no missing the badges clipped to them. Sebastian stands about ten yards behind them.

“I’m Detective Reid, and this is probation officer Carrie Dell.”

“Skip the introductions and get to the point of why you're here. Your time is ticking. My lawyer has already been alerted and is on his way.”

“Can you call your men off?” the Reid guy asks.

“No,” I say before my brother can even answer. He lifts his brows at my quick response. “What do you want?” The detective shifts on his feet, clearly intimidated by Sebastian. He should be. If Sebastian thinks for a second this man is a threat to me, things won’t turn out good for the officer. Is it weird that I find that both hot and adorable?

“James Adam has gone missing. We wanted to make sure you’re aware,” Detective Reid says. The woman next to him doesn't look like she agrees with what he’s saying. I can tell she’s watching my every move and looking to see if I have any sort of reaction to the news of Adam’s disappearance.

“You didn’t make me aware when he’d gotten out of prison. Why are you here telling me this bit of information about him now?”

“Where were you yesterday?” the woman asks. Her eyes narrow on me.

“This conversation is over.” Miles cuts in.

“I spent the day with my Sebastian.” I mix the lie with some truth. Sebastian's eyes stay locked on me, his face giving away nothing.

I had spent most of the day with him. Except for the few hours he’d slipped out. Only to return to tell me Adam would never be a problem again. I didn’t ask questions. I knew he'd answer them, but I didn’t need him to. I made a vow to trust his judgment, and I stuck to it. The next girl might not be as lucky as I was in regard to Adam. I’d been saved before the unthinkable could happen to me. So I refuse to have any sort of sympathy for that man.

“You’re lying,” the woman hisses. She’s awfully angry over some scum going missing.

“Carrie,” Reid snaps at the woman.

“She’s lying. She’s covering for him.” Her eyes slide over to look at Sebastian. “I know he had something to do with this.” Detective Reid pins her with a hard look, letting her know he’s had enough.

“I’m sorry for the interruption. Here’s my card in case you hear from Adam.” Before I get a chance to take it, Miles is snatching it out of his hand.

“You have any more questions for us, contact our lawyer. I don’t want to see you on our property again unless you have a warrant.” Miles makes it perfectly clear that they’re not welcome here.

We all watch them get back into the car and take off down the long driveaway. If anything, I’m happy that happened today and not tomorrow during the wedding.

I make my way toward Sebastian, jumping into his arms. He easily catches me. “Missed you.” I say, dropping a kiss on his lips. I hear my brother groan before going back inside.

“Missed you too.” He brushes his mouth against mine. My body starts to heat. It’s his fault. He got me addicted to the orgasms he can give me.

“I think a few of the alarms on my windows aren't working right,” I lie.

“I should check on those.”

“You should. Right now.”

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