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She nods jerkily. “I hear you.”

“Good. Remember that. I’m always going to be here for you. Nothing will make me leave you. Nothing.” I power upward, stroking her with my thick cock until she throws back her head and lets out a guttural cry of release. Her cunt walls clamp tight around my shaft, and there’s no holding back for me either. I feel so hard, so big, so powerful. I could take on the world at this moment. I explode inside of her, powerful threads of cum jetting to her core.

I flip her over onto her back and keep thrusting into her until there’s nothing left. Spent, I collapse at her side. She’s flushed and gorgeous, and I’m a sweaty mess. I pull her close and flip a blanket over us.

“You okay?” I worked her hard.

She cups my face and gives me a tender, slow kiss. “Never better.”

My heart nearly flies right out of my chest. Embarrassed at the emotion that’s come over me, I tuck her head under my chin. “You know, Violet, I’m scared you’re going to leave me too. My parents are difficult. I work a difficult job. I don’t have anywhere near the money your family does. You’re taking a risk on me, but I promise I’ll spend the rest of my life proving my worth.”

“You were born worthy, Sebastian. I guess we belong together then.”

“I guess we do.” I drop a kiss on her crown. “Better rest up. I’ll be ready for another round in an hour.”

“That long?” she teases.

“Babe, don’t tempt me or I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Promises. Promises.”

Sleep is off the table, I guess.

Chapter Twenty


I run my fingers through Sebastian’s hair as he sleeps peacefully with his face practically nestled between my breasts. The wedding yesterday was incredible. Seeing my brother and Eden stand up in front of everyone and declare their love for each other sparked something inside of me.

At that moment I knew I wanted the same with Sebastian. Adam had taken enough from me, and I refused to let him take more. For so long I thought I was broken, but Sebastian’s love had put me back together.

The silver lining in all of this is that Adam brought Sebastian into my life. Then Sebastian made sure he would never harm another woman. I have no doubt the police will never find Adam.

“Morning,” Sebastian says, lifting his head but keeping his eyes closed. I don’t tell him it’s almost afternoon.

“Morning.” I lean down to press a kiss to his mouth. “I need you to let me out of your hold. My brother wants to see me.”

“He called?” Sebastian opens his eyes.

“I just know.” I shrug one shoulder. It’s always been that way between Miles and me.

“Come back to me.” He loosens his hold on me.

“Always.” I slip from the bed, putting on my robe and slippers before I make my way toward the main house. Miles is standing on the back patio waiting for me. You'd never know there was a wedding here last night with over fifty guests.

I walk right up to my brother. He pulls me in for a giant hug. “I got what you asked for,” he says when he breaks the hug. He pulls the box out from his pocket, handing it to me.

“Thank you.” I hold it tight in my hand.

“No thanks are needed. You know I’ll always do anything you ask.” I do know that without a doubt.

“I know.” Both Sebastian and my brother are a constant reminder that there are a lot of good men in the world, and I need to remember that.

“I made a few calls and sent our lawyer digging. The cops have nothing in regard to what happened to Adam, so don’t go worrying over it.”

“I wasn't,” I admit. I don’t think Sebastian would ever do anything that would end up with him being taken from me.

“Eden’s pregnant.” His next words don’t really shock me in the least. Not the way those two are always all over one another.

“Miles!” My eyes start to water with excitement for him.

“I know we’re not supposed to say anything yet, but I had to tell you.” We’ve never been good at keeping secrets from one another.

“It’s crazy how fast life can change.” Six months ago, none of this seemed possible. Both Miles and I were stuck in a rut. It goes to show that with love anything is possible.

“You can have this, too.” He gives me a knowing look.

“I am going to have it. Except the wedding. Mom got to live out that dream with you so she can deal with a small one when it comes time for mine. And I mean only a handful of people,” I clarify. Our mom has been calling Miles and Eden’s special day a gathering instead of a wedding because she kept saying it was too small. It wasn’t.

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