The Fling (Playboy Pact 2) - Page 73

“You’re insatiable. How does a pregnant woman turn you on so much?”

“You have my babies growing inside of you. It’s the caveman in me who wants to fuck you silly.”

“We’re going to be late if you don’t get your hands off my ass, dimples.”

“I see those motherfuckers all the time.”

“Not Cain. Why is he here again?”

“Not a clue. Maybe he knocked Lively up too?”

“No way!”

“A man can dream, right?”

“Leo and Mila are pregnant.”

“I know. Our kids are going to be the new playboy pact.”

“Ashton! Don’t you dare wish for that.”

“I’m kidding.” He mischievously grinned, speaking the truth, “But look how well it turned out for us.”


The only woman I’ve ever loved.

How did I get so damn lucky?

The thought of my babies growing inside of her was doing all sorts of things to my cock.

Our relationship had been a whirlwind from the start, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It was perfect.

She was perfect.

We arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes late because I went down on Sage, eating her as an appetizer. The twins were with my parents, and we had to get it in when we could.

Do you have any idea how big of cock blockers they are?

I laughed at the thought.

Grabbing Sage’s hand, we walked into the restaurant and found everyone in the back.

“Finally,” Sawyer stressed, shaking his head. “What took you so long? I’m starving.”

“I was too.”

Sage slapped my arm, giving me the look that made me want to fuck her in the bathroom.

“Where’s Cain?”

“He’s taking a piss,” Leo answered. “He’ll be right out.”

“Mila, how are you feeling?” Sage asked.

“Today wasn’t so bad. How are you feeling?”


“I hear you. These pregnancy hormones have me all out of whack.”

“Lala.” Leo grabbed her hand. “What was your excuse before?”


It was nice having all of us together like this. I couldn’t remember the last time we were.

“Where’s Aspyn?” I questioned Sawyer.

“Who the fuck knows.”

They were still hooking up with no strings attached, but I couldn’t keep up with them any more than I could with Cain and Lively.

Speaking of the devil, Cain walked back to the table.

Nodding to him. “Where’s Lively?”

“Yeah, good question,” Sawyer stated. “Where’s your girl?”

Taking a long look at all of us, he rubbed the back of his neck. It was one of those moments when you knew what he was going to say next was drastic.

I just never expected him to announce…

“She left me.”

The End.

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