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Epilogue 1


Nine months later…

In those first few weeks of getting to know Skylar, I knew she was something special. But the past nine months have shown me another side of her. Every side of her. And damn, there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that the universe decided to spin and drop her in my lap.

Because hell, this woman? She's something else. And thank god she's something else. A regular woman couldn't cut it out here. I need someone strong, with eyes full of determination, with muscle memory that says she's got this.

And Skylar, hell, she's the toughest girl I've ever seen. The only woman I want to be with. And now, she's about to become the mother of my child.

I knew after our day at the waterfall that she would be my wife. I couldn’t exactly get her to a church but I still wanted to make a vow. So we went back to the falls a month later, with W.M. at our side and Polly flying overhead, and I made a promise to love her with all that I am, for all the days of my life.

When she said those words back to me, I damn near melted. I may be a strong ass caveman, but my woman makes me weak in the knees.

Now, I shake my head, reveling in the happy memories, looking at the ceiling of the cave overhead.

Yeah, we're still sleeping in a cave. It seems the best protection for us. This way, I'm able to use the stone barrier at the entrance so that no wild animal can come in here if I'm out hunting. It's my greatest worry. It's what keeps me up at night. It's what's keeping me up right now, even though it's the crack of dawn. The idea of something happening to Skylar when I'm out doing the dirty work, hunting while she is taking care of our baby that will be here any damn day.

So yeah, it's not some fancy ass treetop house with a decked-out nursery. That's what I wish I could give her. But it wouldn't be safe. So we've foregone luxury and chosen safety, because that's how we weigh the costs, the risks, and the rewards out here. Not always getting what we want, but mostly getting what we need. And what I need is her and our baby to be safe.

She's nestled against me in the crook of my arm. And I run my hand over her round ass. Fuck, she looks good knocked up. That's one thing I might miss after she gives birth, how cute and curvy she's gotten as the months have gone on. I think we did make a baby that first time we fucked, which, if I'm being perfectly honest, is sort of hot.

At least this baby was made out of love, out of longing, out of the desire for a life that is better than the ones we had before. Those lives, they were lonely. This one is full of risks and full of big rewards.

She moans against me. Then I smile, thinking my girl's probably having some hot ass dream. Skylar's been horny as fuck this entire pregnancy and my cock, it begins to grow at the thought of her sinking her sweet, creamy cunt down my shaft.

As if reading my mind, my wife rolls over, wrapping her arms around me. I run my hand over her big baby bump, her skin tight and stretched out. I know we have a shit ton of work ahead of us, a struggle that is real. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we don't have one.

It's her, me, and Polly. Well, and our pup, Otis. I think he's going to grow into a dire wolf, which might pose a problem, but hell, maybe he'll be our guard dog. God knows my wife needs one when I'm gone. I won't let anything happen to her.

I whistle at Otis, telling him to calm down as he begins wagging his tail, wanting to get up and get out. I don't want to go anywhere. Not yet. Not until I've had my wife.

"I'm so horny," she whimpers as she begins to climb on top of me.

"This is one of my favorite times of the day," I tell her.

"Yeah?" she says sleepily. She winds her hair in her hand, letting it fall down her back. She arches her back and I draw her tits close, sucking on one and then the other. They're so full and round with pregnancy.

This is her favorite way to fuck now that she's with child. And I love it. She looks like a goddess straddling me. My cock, too, is happy. She sinks down low against me, moaning as she gets filled up with my length.

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