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Okay if he did that to his wife, I need to start reeling in the sarcasm and shit, I thought watching two grandmothers help her to her feet and walk her out of the room.

“Lieve, you were warned against that. You were asked not to do this one simple thing and yet you did it anyway. What pleasure do you achieve in defying me?” he asked with a shout, and slamming his fist against the table.

He’s like a sexy Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who’s gone on the fucking crazy train!

Then something hit me like a ton of bricks; metaphorically speaking. She wasn’t his wife. She couldn’t be. She said she visited the school once a year and this was the first time I had ever seen her. So then who the hell was she?

“New recruit?” I asked nervously.

The smile appeared on his face; the one that made me cringe. The smile gave way to a grin and he nodded.

Fuck. It was a test and I failed. But at what price?

“M ... Minikin?” I asked hesitantly.

“Of no concern to you or I ever again. She will of course be punished for your little display. Six men may have felt like a lot to you before, so this time I will see to it that it is doubled. This was your choice to defy me and now you see that not everything is always as it seems. You will retire to my room tonight and we will look out over the gardens as we did the night before,” he said before he stood and left the room.


I was kneeling in front of the toilet, wiping away the spit from my mouth with a rolled up piece of toilet paper. I had left the “dinner” of my own will and spent that time until now throwing up. If we were going to watch the gardens that meant that Minikin was going to get raped again and there would be nothing I could do to stop it. I couldn’t deal with it again, not a second time.

“Lieve, come,” one of the grandmothers said, appearing in the doorway of the bathroom. I waved her away without so much as gracing her with a glance. No way in hell was I going to see this shit go down; he would have to watch it by himself.

“You refuse?” she asked curiously.

“Fuck off,” I barked, turning to glare at her over my shoulder.

She immediately left the doorway. I knew this wasn’t going to sit well with him, but I honestly just didn’t care. A few moments later, I hung my head over the bowl again and another bought of fluids came out of me. Tears stained my face and I felt myself becoming exhausted. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall, after I cleaned my mouth again and tossed the paper into the toilet.

A hand gently touched my shoulders and my eyes snapped open. It was Janneke (real name and authentic Dutch woman) looking at me with her blue eyes full of concern. She was one of the only ones I could remember being here before me, but we had never spoken two words to each other.

“Get away from me,” I said weakly. “You’ll disappear. Or worse, you’ll end up like Minikin. Please. I’ll be okay, just get away from me.”

She nodded and her hand left my shoulder. I closed my eyes again and sat there, feeling the fatigue take over me and trying to lull me to sleep when Kerstan’s voice robbed me of my almost sleep about a half an hour later.

“Amity?” he asked, pulling the door to the bathroom closed behind him.

“Fuck off.”

He chuckled as he sat down next to me on the dirty bathroom floor. I opened my eyes and rolled my head slowly in his direction. He was looking at me in mostly amusement and partial concern.

“Careful. You don’t want to dirty one of your fancy outfits sitting on this disgusting floor with a mere whore,” I said tiredly.

“Why do you think so little of me?” he asked curiously.

“I don’t have the time or the strength right now to get into that list,” I snapped.

Kerstan laughed (the friendly laugh) and scooted closer to me. I tried to move away from him but found myself stuck between him and the damn toilet bowl with no extra room to maneuver away.

“That dress becomes you,” he said politely.

I glared at him, “Shouldn’t you be off setting up Minikin’s next gang rape?”

Kerstan let out a deep and wounded sigh. He ran a hand back through his hair before reaching for my left hand and holding onto it firmly.

“I know that I act dominant sometimes and I know that I am always not pleasant to you or anyone who you become close with. But these are not my actions of free will. This is what I am instructed to do to you, Amity. Until it is time for you to leave me,” he explained quietly.

Wait a minute.

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