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“Harder. Please.”

They might have been a stranger’s words flying past her lips. His gaze searched her face. The next moment, he granted her request. Her eyes flew wide. He’d drawn his cock out of her until the thick head licked at her swollen labia in a teasing caress. Then he drove deep again . . . and again. She bobbed her hips, so needy for that delicious stretch of her flesh that sent a pang through her clit, for that moment when he sank his cock completely inside her and gave his hips that slight jerk, grinding his pelvis against her wet, tender tissues.

Distantly, she was aware of her antique brass headboard clacking against the plaster wall. Her eyelids sagged as she became transported by sensation.


His sharp call made her eyelids flutter open. He’d paused, his pelvis pressed tight against her hungry pussy.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, hovering on the precipice of orgasm.

His cock jerked inside her womb.

“Keep your eyes open.”

He began fucking her again, his eyes like lancing lasers that wouldn’t allow her to look away.

“Oh . . . it’s . . .”

“Let it happen. Come,” he said as he plunged into her and the bed rattled.

Her first cry sounded panicked to her own ears. Then climax ripped through her from root to limb, and she knew nothing but shuddering pleasure.

Through a hot haze of satiation, she became aware of Everett’s full, firm cock sliding out of her body.


“It’s okay,” he whispered.

She opened her eyelids and watched through a slit as he came to rest next to and above her, on the pillow.

“Come here,” she heard him coax, his hands sliding beneath her back, urging her to rise off the mattress. She moved, feeling strange . . . disoriented.

“Straddle my lap,” he said.

She blinked and pushed her bangs out of her eyes. He’d sounded so tense. He sat on her mattress, his back a foot away from the brass posts of the headboard, his long legs sprawled before him. She straddled his thighs, her gaze falling to his lap. Awareness snapped through her consciousness like a whip. He was still hard—incredibly so. She was surprised the condom didn’t snap around his swollen member.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, clambering closer to him. “I hadn’t realized.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I wanted it that way,” he said, putting his hands on her shoulders, guiding her over him. She noticed that the condom glistened with her own juices. “I want to savor you. I want to take you like an animal, too,” he admitted under his breath. “But I’m trying to fight the instinct.”

He put his hand at the root of his cock—the naked stretch where the condom couldn’t reach. Something about the image of him touching himself, his fingers draping down over his large, full testicles, made her clit pinch in renewed arousal. He held himself at a hospitable angle, his hand on her hip. Joy raised herself and caught the bulbous head of his penis between her spread thighs.

He felt so huge as he began to penetrate her vagina, she would have sworn he was entering her for the first time, fresh. She held on to his shoulders, gritting her teeth at the intense pressure as she slid down the shaft several inches. She could feel the defined ridge beneath the head of his cock in this position, feel the tip carving into her while her flesh melted around him, hugged him tight.

“Shh,” he murmured, and she realized she’d gasped at the effort of taking him when her body was so open, so vulnerable to him. He caught her bottom, just beneath her buttocks, his strong biceps flexing tight as he held her in place for a moment with his cock half inside of her.

But Joy wiggled her hips in his hold, coaxing his cock farther inside her. He was stretching her, and the friction was sharp. She burned, existing on a delicious edge between pain and intense pleasure. She dropped her weight, bending her knees farther. They both gasped when she fell in his lap, his balls pressing against her damp, delicate tissues.

“Oh, God,” he muttered tightly.

For a few seconds, neither of them moved. Everett dropped his head, his chin on his chest. She saw his shoulders and chest rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath. She, too, was having difficulty gathering herself with a large, swollen cock throbbing deep inside her.

After a moment, he looked up, a grim expression on his face. He leaned back slightly on one arm, putting his lean, gilded torso at a backward angle. He caressed her thigh.

“Do you think you can straighten your legs behind me? Lean back, like me,” he instructed gruffly.

She moaned, feeling feverish, not entirely understanding what he meant.

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