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She couldn’t move toward him, restrained as she was and with his hand holding her head, but he must have sensed her eagerness, because he fucked her mouth for a moment, pulsing his hips and sliding in and out of her several inches. She wasn’t hungry—she was ravenous. Crazed. Her entire world shrank, becoming the smell and the taste and the sensation of Everett’s cock.

He paused, depriving her of a downstroke. Her nostrils flared for air and she clamped the head of his cock tighter between her lips. She laved at the taut flesh with a stiffened tongue, coaxing him to give her more. He grunted appreciatively.

“Open your eyes.”

She did so sluggishly, light and vision splintering her dark, voluptuous world. He put his thumbs beneath her jaw and gently tilted her head back, thrusting his hips forward so that his cock remained lodged in her mouth. She stared up at the long, muscular length of him dazedly, feeling strange . . . drunk . . . drugged by desire.


He said it harshly at the same time that his cock slipped from between her lips. He laid her head back on the mattress. She murmured his name through numbed lips. Suddenly, his hands were on her breasts, plumping them in his palms, and one of her nipples was surrounded by his warm, wet mouth. He lashed at her with his tongue and drew on her until she cried out in anguished arousal. She wouldn’t call his treatment rough, necessarily, but it was far, far from being the gentle, teasing awakening of her nerves he’d subjected her to earlier. He made a sound of satisfaction in his throat as he molded her breasts, sucking insistently on one tip. Her hips twisted on the bed in arousal. Her nightgown was still in her lap. The light, flimsy silk was inadequate pressure on her wet, wanting pussy. Everett transferred his mouth to her other nipple and gave it a similarly lusty, insistent treatment. She let out a groan of pure misery.

“Oh God, please.”

He lifted his head and gently nipped at her nipple. Joy ground her pelvis down into the mattress and shifted her weight, desperate for friction.

“Please what?”

“Please touch my pussy,” she panted. If he wanted her to beg, no problem. She had nothing else to do but lie here and twist and drown in excitement. “Please, Everett.”

His mouth lowered. He dragged his teeth gently across her sensitive ribs, raising goose bumps on her skin, making her gasp loudly. She pressed down again on the mattress. Even her anus tingled with electric arousal. Everett’s tongue touched her belly, making the muscles leap. She lifted her head, panting, seeing his back and shoulder muscles bunch as he held himself off her, his head lowering to the folds of yellow silk. She watched him through the mounds of her heaving breasts. She felt it in every cell of her body when he kissed her just above the silk. He lowered it slowly. She felt it sliding over her labia.

She dropped her head back on the mattress. She was having difficulty drawing adequate air into her lungs, the anticipation was so great.

“Oh, God,” she muttered under her breath when she felt his fingers on her mons. She clamped her eyes shut when she felt him spread her labia. Wide. Had she ever been parted so wholly? She swore she felt his gaze on her exposed, wet flesh like a pressing weight. If nerves had mouths, hers would be screaming. The tip of his tongue flicked her clit.

Her entire body convulsed like she’d been lashed with a whip.

He made a rough sound. He kept her parted wide, making her clit entirely exposed for his rigid, rapid tongue. Joy just lay there, helpless under the ruthless flail. He pressed and agitated. It was patently lewd what he was doing to her—pressing, flicking, waggling his wet flesh against hers. He was going to make her come in seconds, his movements were so wickedly precise.

He covered her clit with his mouth and sucked. A curse flew out of her throat. She clenched her thigh and ass muscles so tight, she thought they’d break. Didn’t they say the female anatomical equivalent of a cock was the clitoris? God, she thought wildly as she crested, she so wished she could swallow Everett whole and stimulate every single inch of him with a relentless tongue.

She did break—helplessly against the sharp edge of pleasure, her body shaking with release. He continued to lick and agitate and suck her as she came, seeming determined to milk every last shudder out of her quivering flesh. Her final cry segued into a shaky moan. Her body sagged into the mattress.

She felt like she’d been wrung dry.

She stared up

at the ceiling sightlessly, trying to catch her breath. She tasted the sharp tang of her own sweat in her mouth. Through a haze of disorientation, she felt Everett move, and then the spring in the mattress when his weight came off it. She felt something flick against the arch of her foot and twitched, realizing her left foot was free. Everett was freeing her ankles from the restraints. For a few seconds, she heard nothing but her own ragged, soughing breath in her ears. Her body still buzzed, her nerves still zipped and sizzled. She was having a hard time calming following her explosive climax.

The mattress dipped and she lifted her head. Her breath caught, burning in her lungs for a moment, before she gasped again for air. Everett came toward her on his knees, naked, his already lean, defined muscles looking especially tight and hard. A condom stretched over his enormous erection. He looped his forearm beneath one of her knees and kept coming toward her on his knees until he paused between her thighs. She watched, her breath scoring her lungs, as he lowered his head and gently pushed back her thigh, rolling back her hips. His head lowered, he took his cock in his hand and pushed it into her slit. He flexed his hips, impaling her in one swift, shocking thrust.

Joy shouted out hoarsely. Her body tightened, her muscles rippling at the bold possession. He grunted thickly, gripping firmly on the thigh he held in the air. He lifted her hips several inches off the mattress and began to fuck her. She bit her lip to stop from screaming. The friction was nearly too much for her, but he was clearly enjoying it. No . . . relishing it.

Hadn’t she thought just moments ago that she’d love to be able to swallow his cock and stimulate every inch of it at the same time? Maybe her mouth couldn’t. But her pussy could. She ground her teeth together and bounced her hips in a counter rhythm to his pounding cock. The uncomfortable pressure deep inside her morphed to a burn . . . a delicious friction. She watched him, his glinting gaze, his rigid face, the long, golden stretch of flexing, pumping muscle.

“Harder,” she managed between clenched teeth, even though part of her was screaming silently that she couldn’t take it. “Fuck me harder.”

His chest and arm muscle tightened. He drew her leg up higher and tauter at the same moment she spread her other thigh on the mattress. His hips turned his cock into a fluid, ruthless piston. He pounded into her until she screamed without drawing breath. She felt his cock jerk viciously high inside her. His pelvis crashed against hers with a loud whap. He lifted her, grinding himself against her exposed clit while his cock swelled.

Her scream of barraging sensation segued to a keen of climax. She shuddered in tight, delicious pleasure, but she lifted her head and opened her eyes, wanting to see him as he came, absorbing his primal growls, loving the way his sweat-gilded muscles tightened and loosened, went rigid and shuddered with each consecutive ejaculation . . .

With every beat of his wild, pumping heart.

She’d done that to him.

Savage triumph blazed through her at the thought. She let her head fall back on the mattress as she tried to catch her breath again. It was shocking, how accurately, how powerfully, he could give her pleasure.

But what was truly alarming—and definitely addicting—was how much she loved pleasing Everett in return.

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