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I rolled to my back and looked up at him.

Tommy, buck naked, had his muscled arms folded across his awesome chest. He was looking down at me with a smirk. The sexiest sort of smirk.

I blinked and pushed my hair out of my eyes.

“Goin’ for a shower. Stay there and wait for me like a good girl. Maybe I’ll finish you off. Maybe. Do not put your hand anywhere near that pussy. It’s mine.”


He disappeared into the bathroom.

I was instantly out of the bed, tripping on the bikini bottoms that slid down my legs as I moved. I did some fancy stumbling to get out of them and then I was in the bathroom and climbing into the giant luxury shower with him.

He was under the water.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” I snapped and tried to turn him to me.

Obviously, I wasn’t as strong as him (not anywhere near it) so he didn’t budge.

“Not feeling like a good girl, I see.”


“Can I help you?” he


“Forgetting something?” I asked. No, more like demanded haughtily.

“Are you?” He looked down at me with challenge in his eyes, water droplets on his eyelashes as well as running down to his bottom lip. “I told you to be a good girl. Seems like you want more punishment.” He grabbed my face by the chin.

His hard dick was betraying his stern attitude attempt.

“You’re a tease, Tommy Ferrano,” I whined, despite my squishy face.

“Yeah, for you, I am.” He gave me a big smile and my heart swelled.

“And you, the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on, are even sexier all wet.”

I did a little hop and he caught me, spun, and put me against the tiled wall. I squirmed until I got him inside me. He watched me struggle to do it, doing nothing to help, and looking mighty amused as I whimpered and wiggled to get him in me.

And then he was sliding inside, and I was groaning at how good it felt.

His eyes were on me as I did and when his mouth opened and formed an O, I felt immensely proud of myself.

I rode him, hard, riding in a way to grind my clit on him, with frustration, chasing my denied orgasm, but he decided to prolong things and he kept adjusting, taking the friction away from where I needed it.

I was a whiny, whimpering, pleading mess.

And then he stopped teasing, changed course, unable to hold off his own any longer, and made sure he hit it with every thrust. He hit it alright. He hit it good and thoroughly until he made me shatter, crying out in laments to God, to him.

“Fuck, fuck, holy fuck, Tommy!”

I was keening, digging nails into him. He swallowed my cries with hungry kisses, and was coming with my hands in his hair, then groaning my name as my teeth sank into the cap of his sexy inked shoulder.

He carried me back to bed wrapped in a towel, towel-dried me off with a lazy and satisfied smile, dried himself with the same towel and curled up with me after tossing it to the floor.

We had a mini nap and I woke first, seeing a peaceful look on his face like I hadn’t seen in weeks.

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