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I choked a little, fought it off, and sucked.

His pelvis rammed into my face just as his hand pushed my head down on him.

He let go of the ponytail and then his hand was down the back of my shorts, his fingertips sliding into me, his thumb on my asshole.

“Wiggle this little ass for me, baby girl.”

I obeyed. Ass high up, knees planted in the passenger seat.

“Keep sucking, Tia.”

He kept working my clit, fingering me, and pressing his thumb against my back door. I came with him in my mouth. The soles of my sneakers digging into the passenger door. He came on me, too, but I choked and wound up with it in my hair.


The 4x4 had been turned in and we were waiting for our cab.

“Let’s go back before the restaurant so I can wash my hair,” I suggested.

“Nope,” he refused, smirking.

“Then… let me go to that beach and get my hair damp.” I tried to walk toward the sand from the path we were on.

“Nope again,” he looped his arm around my waist and stopped me.

I tried to playfully fight him off, but he subdued me like a pro.

So, cum-hair it was. At least my hair didn’t look like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. But, I knew it was there.

We went for a late lunch.

I found an elastic in my purse, thankfully and gave that chunk of my hair a rinse in the ladies’ room. He smirked when I was back at the table, knowing what I’d done.

“You get permission to wash that out?”

“Uh no. and if you think you’re taking your insanely possessive nature up another notch to that level, we’re gonna have a fight about it.”

“With how our fights usually end, baby girl, you’re not exactly dissuading me here.”

I rolled my eyes and pointed saucily at him.


He teased me when I got out of breath climbing up the really tall lighthouse landmark at the end of the day, as the sun was setting. He’d kissed me breathless just before we started the climb and then, after I caught my breath at the top, he did it again while we looked out at the water and the horizon.

That was where I informed him that the following day we were taking a sunset cruise after going for a couples’ massage.

We did that (both with female masseurs, and I chose them. I chose an older motherly type for us both, rather than hot young women, and Tommy teased me for it) and we danced on the catamaran under the stars with a live band playing. It was incredible. He was a little drunk and looked absolutely carefree and didn’t take his eyes off me, except when he’d pull me super close and whisper dirty things in my ears, kissing behind them, or skating his lips across my throat.

I was down for some extra-energetic fucking when we got back, but we danced so much and drank so much that it resulted in us being so exhausted that he passed out before getting his clothes off.

He tried for morning sex the following day, but this was our last full day in Aruba, and I had plans which we were almost late for, so I fought him off with giggles and pleading, then dragged him out to meet the cab, which had been waiting for ten minutes already when we got out.

We went to meet our charter for some deep-sea fishing. We both caught several fish, a few of them massive, and had an absolute blast all day out on that big boat. Tommy baited my hook each time, just like he’d done at the pond at his safehouse farm, despite the staff members on hand who were there to do that. I was a smitten kitten that he insisted it be him.

His eyes were untroubled and he really seemed to be enjoying our time out there, which made me so happy inside.

We ate dinner back in our villa that night, a meal consisting of the fish that we had caught, that the chef at the resort prepared for us, and served poolside, then we made sweet vanilla love with the windows open, a beautiful breeze in the air.

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