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“So, not vanilla?”

“Oh no. What’s the opposite of vanilla?”

“Not chocolate, because that’s always the same, too. Who needs the same position every time? Even if it is more creative than missionary. Something like rocky road?” Sarah suggested.

I was feeling uncomfortable. But at the same time, it was nice to see a smile on Lisa’s face.

Lisa kicked her feet in the water and smirked some more, obviously lost in happy memories.

Tessa was back with a big white box that had a deep red bow on it. She presented it to me by setting it on my lap.

“A present?” I asked, excitedly.

“It’s your bridal shower and bachelorette party all at once,” Tessa explained with a shrug.

I lifted the lid and found a treasure trove of utterly gorgeous stuff. Lace, crystal, candles… A beautiful lace tablecloth, a bottle of wine with two crystal glasses, a bottle of fancy olive oil, a spice rack filled with spices, scented candles, and fine embroidered tea towels as well as a set of very nice sheets. There was a red glass vase (for breaking) and the box also had a set of white bath towels with T & T on them in beautiful gold and black embroidery.

“Oh my goodness!”

I felt droplets land on my arms, which were bare as I was in a ta tank top and jean shorts. “Better go inside; it’s raining!”

We all gathered everything up and rushed inside and then down to the family room.

I resumed perusing my box of goodies, getting a better look in the bright light.

“Family tradition. I made that tablecloth for you,” Tessa said.

“You did? It’s beautiful. Wow, Tess…”

She smiled. “I started it the day we were told about you. Before you took off like a bat out of hell from the bakery parking lot.” She chuckled.

I chuckled too, and pulled the tablecloth out.

“Oh wow. It’s fricking beautiful. Look at this!” It was intricate lace and absolutely stunning.

“When you guys have your first baby, he or she will get to wear the lace Ferrano christening gown, too. Luc has it for Nicky right now.”

I smiled, but waved. “Oh, sweet. But yeah, that’s gonna be a lonnnng way off.”

“Oh,” Tess said, “and you have to pick your china pattern. Me and Luc are buying you the set. When you’re ready and you guys get another house.”

“That’s so nice.”

“It’ll be good when we add you into the rotation for family dinners. We’ll start rotating Sundays,” Luc said with a smile.

I had no idea if Tommy and I would go back to Portland any time soon, but I wasn’t about to burst her bubble.

Bianca came to me, dressed in a robe, her hair in a towel, and she had a black box double the size of a shoe box in her hands. It was artfully wrapped with a gold lace bow.

“This is from me, Ma, and Aunt Joanne.”

Sarah relieved me of the big box and I accepted the smaller one.

It was filled with little white sheer bags of confetti and rice as well as more bags of candied almonds in white netting. There was an F monogrammed silver set of serving spoons and cake server. There was also a stack of index cards with handwritten recipes on it.

“Family recipes. Guard them with your life.”

Family. I fanned my face and blew out a few quick breaths. “You guys are gonna make me bawl.”

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