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It was later that week and I was swimming laps on the rooftop deck.

As I was nearing the end, I spotted her in a lounge chair near the edge of the pool so I decided to cut my lap count short and maybe burn some calories with her instead. She’d been making all sorts of calorie-rich food for me and so I’d upped my workout game.

Tonight, we’d eaten out at a restaurant a short drive away and taken a walk. It’d made her happy. And the ‘happy wife, happy life’ adage was something I was finding to be very true.

I saw her toes real close to the edge of the pool so I broke the surface right there and caught her by the hips and pulled her in.

She complained about a wet nightie.

“I’d like to get something else all wet,” I told her, kissing her ear.

Not long later, she was naked and I was fucking her in the pool.

She was beautiful. And soaking wet. And she made me come really fast so I put her on deck and ate her pussy while she was on a lounge chair.

“I love you more than anything in this world,” she told me and whadaya know… I was hard again and moving to push inside her.

“Love you more, baby girl.” I kissed her and fucked her until we both came again.


Later, I was on the computer and she came in.

“Dare?” she asked.

“Zack. Why?”

“Is Dare “D” on your Skype?”

“Yeah, why?”

“He was buzzing you earlier. That’s why I came up to the pool.”

Zack pinged me again and I was reading his words. As they permeated, my fucking head was ready to explode.

“Something to drink?” Tia offered.

“Yeah, and make it a fucking double,” I bit off.

This can’t be right. What the fuck?

“What’s wrong?”

“Your foster sister Mia has been digging around, looking for you.”


“She just bought a plane ticket to come here.”

“What?” Tia looked confused.

“Yeah. She leaves tomorrow.”

“Is it a coincidence?” she asked.

“She know anyone here that you know of?” I asked.

“Not that I know of,” Tia replied.

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