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She winced. I grabbed the phone from her.

“Mia? Tommy Ferrano,” I said, giving Tia a shake of my head.

She paled.

“Tommy Ferrano?” she said, “I’d say nice to meet you but I’m sure it’s not. We are onto you, you motherfucker. You hurt a hair on her head and you will go down.”

“Listen Mia, Tia and I are on our honeymoon but there are people we don’t want to know where we are. You come here you could be followed. You might have compromised her safety already and you’d definitely compromise your own safety. I need you to not fly here. I’ll have you reimbursed for your ticket and whatever other expenses…”

“You seriously expect me to believe that you forced my friend to be with you and that she’s okay with this? I know she was forced. I know this for a fact. I visited her father in jail and he enlightened me. He also gave me his login for Facebook and I saw the message Tia sent him after grad.”

Fuck. Fucking Greg.

“You think you know everything but you only know the half of it. You don’t know what you’re dabbling in here and if you care about Tia’s safety you need to stand down.”

“You’re threatening me?”

“No. I’m telling you that I don’t want you putting her in danger. Stand down.”

“I don’t believe she’s okay and I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes. I’ll cancel my flight but only if you produce her. I need to see her and talk to her so I can determine for myself whether or not she’s actually okay. Get on a plane today.”



“Not today but I’ll get her on a plane soon,” I said.

“How soon?”

“We are not dropping things and running back there. You’ll see us in a couple weeks.”

“Three days. And I get twice daily phone calls from Tia until then so I know she’s okay and you haven’t done something to her. Morning and night.”

I gritted my teeth, “Fine. I’m sending someone to meet with you today to find out everything you know and where you got the info. You need to share this so that we can determine whether or not you’ve put us in danger. Got it? He’ll meet you at your place in two hours.”

“Who are you sending? One of your wise guy thugs? Sending someone to rough me up?”

Fuck, but this little girl was pushing her luck.

“No. Zack Jacobs. Look him up. He’s a PI. You’ll need to meet with him today so he can do damage control.”

“Fine but in public. Give him this number and I’ll meet him in public and I won’t be alone. Tia calls me tonight before midnight my time and then tomorrow by this time or I’m on a plane, Mr. Caruso.”

Yep, she proved she knows exactly where we are.

I got off the phone and glared at my wife. Then I got on the phone and sent Zack over there.


I called Dare from the laptop and things were complicated for him back home with this stuff with Felicia, the sex slave he’d brought home.

He’d told her he wasn’t down with the master/slave bit and she’d agreed to pretend for a bit while he figured shit out for appearance’s sake.

He and I had talked about faking her death. We knew there was a risk involved in letting her walk away, but we didn’t wanna be the kinds of men who’d just put an innocent girl down because she’d entered our lives inconveniently. Fucking Pop.

And now it seemed this girl was getting to my brother in a way he hadn’t expected.

I knew the feeling.

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