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“When we said our vows.”

“To honor and obey?” I smirked.

“And, for better or for worse. “Till death do we part, Tommy.”

“Trying to make sure it’s more better than worse, baby girl. And don’t want no more fuckin’ death if I can help it.”

“We’ll get through it, Tommy.”

“Yeah. We will. ‘Cuz I am never letting you go.”

“And I’m never giving up on you, whether you’re dark or light, vanilla or blackjack berry thunder. You and me, baby.” She kissed me.

“Fuck, I love you, Mrs. Ferrano.”

-Bonus Scene –

Your Epilogue!

DEFINITELY spoiler material for those who haven’t read Unbound (Book 3)

About Eight or So Months Later


I gently jiggled his shoulder. “Tommy.”

He stirred. “Hey, baby girl.”

“Tommy, I think my water broke.”

“What? It’s not due for two weeks.”

“Try telling this baby that,” I said with humor in my shaky voice.

Okay, so I was officially terrified. I woke up feeling like I had to pee, which was not new since it’d been at least three times a night of peeing the past few weeks.

And I thought it felt damp between my legs but figured I was maybe just sweaty. I’d been like an oven all the time I’d been incubating our little baby. I waddled to the bathroom to go pee and when I stood up afterwards, fluid was running down my legs.


Thirty-eight weeks is considered full term, sir. Not to worry.”

The doctor was trying to put my very anxious husband at ease. My hubby was acting like I was the first woman in the history of women to give birth and that the two-week early thing was either dangerous or very fucking inconvenient.

We didn’t know the gender of the baby. I’d wanted it to be a surprise. It was something we argued about, because he wanted to know, but I won the argument. I won a fair few arguments while pregnant. I wouldn’t say (not by any stretch of the imagination) that I had tamed my dominating husband, but we were compromising, both of us, on a regular basis.

“I have no pain or anything,” I said.

“That’s a sign we may need to get some help to move things along. Now, do you want an epidural?”

“Don’t you guys have this shit on file?” Tommy snapped. Our doctor was on vacation. Inconvenient. Tommy was pissed about it.

“I want to try to do it naturally.”

“So,” the doctor said, “we are going to induce, since your water broke but you’re not dilated past a centimeter and haven’t had contractions. It could be a long haul. An epidural would help.”

“She’ll take it,” Tommy answered.

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