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“Really, my dear, did that drug mess with your mind as well as your latent abilities? I know that your shadow-shifting abilities may never return, but let’s hope your brain does, or you’ll be next to useless.”

When Jorge had learned his abilities might not return, he’d felt a mixture of relief and sadness. But if what Neena was saying were true, and he’d be working with Sabrina, then the lack of his abilities might endanger her life. Would she not want him anymore? After all, she’d never responded to his advances when he’d been without his abilities.

Neena’s words interrupted his thoughts. “Let her decide.”

He narrowed his eyes. “How do you do that?”

“It’s none of your concern. What I need you to do is open the drawer next to your bed, take out the clipboard, read it, and sign it. Once Santos collects it, I’ll let you see Sabrina.”

Before he could say anything else, Neena turned and walked out of the room.

Chapter Fourteen

Sabrina uncrossed and crossed her legs before she started tapping her fingers against her thigh. She’d spent the last hour in this apartment of rooms waiting for Neena, and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep her promise not to go wandering. Even with two guards at the door, she was contemplating the best way to escape.

Especially since she’d been told that Jorge was in the same building.

She kept replaying the scene when he’d told her that he wouldn’t kill Watkins because then he’d never have a chance with her. Jorge finally tamping down his revenge for her sake meant more to her than she’d ever imagined. He might’ve changed because of his time with the Collector, but the sensitive man he’d once been hadn’t completely died. He was still in there, and she wanted to know both the old and new versions of Jorge.

She stood up and started pacing the living area. After living so many years undercover and hiding her true self, not being able to see the one man with whom she could be honest was killing her. What was taking Neena so long?

There was a knock on the door and she frowned. Neena usually barged in without waiting, so it had to be someone else.

She stood up, walked over to the door, and opened it to find Jorge standing in front of her in a hospital gown. He studied her and Sabrina noticed how he looked a little pale with circles under his eyes, but the direct stare assessing her meant that while his body might be recovering, his mind was intact.

Relief flooded her, and she wanted nothing more than to pull him close and kiss him, but she was aware of the guards in the hall. She didn’t want an audience, so she grabbed Jorge’s arm, pulled him inside, and shut and locked the door. She took a deep breath and turned around to face him. Any doubts she had about him still wanting her instantly died at the heat in his eyes.

She barely managed a breathless, “Hi,” before Jorge pressed her up against the door, his hands on either side of her face. His breath was hot against her cheek when he said, “I know we have a shitload of things to talk about, but right now, all I want to do is kiss you, get you naked, and show you just how glad I am that you’re alive.” He nuzzled her cheek. “Will you let me do that?”

Her heart thudded in her ears as Jorge pressed his lower body against hers. Whatever his recovery, she could feel he was hard and ready for her.

She wanted that hardness inside her, to remind her that he was alive, and that he was hers. She placed her hands on his chest and whispered, “Yes. Now, shut up and kiss me.”

He growled, took her face into his hands, and did as she commanded. She opened in response to his touch, and welcomed the taste and warmth of Jorge’s tongue in her mouth.

She hugged his body close, snaking a h

and up his neck and into his hair. Her already hard nipples pressed against his chest, and she suddenly ached to feel his skin against hers.

She ran her free hand along his back, found the seam of his hospital gown, and ran her fingers down to his ass. She squeezed his firm buttocks and broke the kiss long enough to say, “Bedroom. Naked. Now.”

Jorge had worried that his straightforward request for sex might offend Sabrina. However, judging by how she was rubbing herself up against him and grabbing his ass, she was just as hungry for him as he was for her.

Despite the battle of their tongues inside her mouth, he wanted more. He wanted her skin under his palm, her heat wrapped around his dick, and her moans filling his ears. He needed to be reminded that he was alive, and so was she.

When she made her blunt demands about getting naked in the bedroom, he was more than happy to comply.

He’d take care of the naked part first.

He moved his hands to the hem of her shirt and ran his palms underneath it, against her skin, until he came to the band of her bra. It took everything he had to break their kiss and step back enough to tug up her shirt. Sabrina raised her arms, and as soon as he tossed her top aside, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She yanked it off and his mouth went dry.

The brief time he’d seen her naked torso before hadn’t been enough to truly appreciate her breasts. They were small but high and topped with hard, dusky nipples. While Sabrina was busy unzipping her jeans, he reached out and cupped them. The woman was determined, however, and didn’t stop until her shoes and jeans were kicked off to the side. He decided to get her attention and pinched her nipples.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she looked up at him. Her eyes were half-lidded and full of heat. The thought of her parted lips, soft and wet, as she explored his body made his cock throb.

He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger a second before he trailed his hands down her body, inch by inch, until he reached the waistband of her no-nonsense cotton underwear. He ran a finger under the elastic, her smooth skin warm and inviting. For the first time in a long time, he felt the urge to tease someone.

He smiled and said, “I see you came prepared to seduce me.”

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