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She frowned. “If you want fancy thongs, then I’m not your lady. The goods are the same underneath.”

He knew it was cheesy, but he’d do whatever it took to get the woman naked faster. “Then hurry up and show me. You said the other day that I could lick you to orgasm, and I’m impatient to taste you.”

She blinked and then slowly smiled before she pushed against his chest. “Take two steps back first.”


“Just do it.”

Unsure of what she had planned, he reluctantly stepped back. The thought of her changing her mind had his heart thumping in his ears. He wanted her so bad it hurt.

Sabrina slowly slid down the waistband of her underwear to expose more of her hip, and his panic calmed. The woman was trying to strip—for him.

But just before she revealed the hair between her thighs, she paused and said, “I don’t need a pair of fancy underwear to seduce you.” She stepped to the side and walked around him, her hips swaying. “Just stand here until I reach the bedroom. Can you do that?”

He nodded, curious to see what she would do. He’d never seen this side of her before, but so far, he liked it.

Her smile broadened at his nod before she stepped out of her underwear and tossed them aside. He drank in the sight of her narrow hips, the dark patch of hair between her thighs, and miles of golden, tan skin. He let his gaze linger on her hips and breasts before looking back to Sabrina’s almond-shaped eyes. She hadn’t said anything about remaining quiet, and his voice was low when he said, “You’re so beautiful, it hurts.” He untied his hospital gown and shrugged out of it. As it fell to the ground, Sabrina’s eyes fell to his cock. He took it in his hand and yanked up and then down before he said, “Hurry up and strut your fine self into the bedroom so I can fuck you until you forget your name.”

He was afraid his blunt talk would scare her, but while her eyes widened at his words, her wicked smile never faltered. “Did you bring any condoms this time?”

His stomach dropped. “I’ve been stuck inside a hospital-type room for two days. What do you think?”

She strutted over to her jeans, turned, and bent over so that her heart-shaped ass was on display. At that moment, he just wanted to push her up against the wall and take her from behind.

Sabrina looked over her shoulder and held up a strip of condoms. “Do you think this is enough?”

He knew he’d made a promise to wait, but fuck it. He rushed over to Sabrina, put an arm around her waist, and pulled her soft-yet-firm ass up against his cock. “Unless you want a little Jorge running around in nine months, you’d better give me one of those. I’ll lick you to insanity later. Right now, I need to be inside you.”

Sabrina had no idea what had come over her, but apparently she’d discovered how much she liked teasing Jorge. No doubt the longer she wasn’t undercover, the more she’d discover about her true self.

Then she pushed him too far, and he grabbed her from behind. She was now flush against his hard cock, his muscled arm just under her breasts. While she wanted to feel the heat of his mouth around her nipple or his wet tongue between her thighs, she had a growing need to have Jorge inside her. The thought of his hard cock pounding at her from behind made her core pulse. She wanted this more than anything she’d wanted in a long time, so she opened one of the condom packets and handed it to him.

He nuzzled her neck with his soft lips and kissed her before he released his hold on her. The tender gesture reminded her of the complex man Jorge had become. She could easily imagine him being rough and hard one minute, and tender and loving the next.

But then Jorge’s hands covered her breasts and he gently pulled her back up against his chest. He nipped her earlobe before he whispered, “Brace your arms against the wall.”

She leaned over and as soon as she braced her forearms on the wall, one of Jorge’s hands slid from her breast to between her thighs. He stopped just shy of her clit and rubbed his finger back and forth, teasing her. “Are you nice and wet for me?”

His questions sent more wetness between her legs. “Yes.”

He nipped her shoulder and said, “Let’s find out.”

He held her another second before he plunged one of his fingers inside her. She let out a little moan and Jorge added another one before he started to pump his fingers in and out. “So wet and tight.” He removed his fingers and she raised her head to see him smiling.

She was about to ask him what was so funny when he thrust his hard cock inside of her, stretching and filling her in a way that caused a second of discomfort. Then he pulled out slowly and thrust again and the discomfort turned into pure pleasure, spreading from her core up through her body. As his thrusts became faster, Sabrina braced her head against her arms and closed her eyes, allowing her to concentrate on the fullness of Jorge’s cock and the rough warmth of his hand fondling one breast and then another.

The loud slap of his flesh against hers nearly drowned out her moans.

Jorge let go of her breast and she made a sound of protest. He changed the angle of his cock, and her protests died as lights danced against the darkness of her closed eyelids.

His breath was hot against her ear as he whispered, “You’re mine, Sabrina Ono. Say it.”

She was so close. “Yes, I’m yours. Jorge, please.”

He kissed the top of her ear as the hand that had been playing with her breasts slid down her belly. “As you wish.”

The second he started to rub his rough fingers against her clit, Sabrina let go.

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