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I grab my shirt that’s hanging on her back deck and pull it over my head as I follow Katie into the house.

“Trey, you came back!” Lane says as soon as he sees me from his spot on the couch.

I walk over and sit on the couch next to him, holding my fist out for him to fist bump me. “Heck yeah, I’m back. I had to fix the treehouse, and I brought some art pens so we could tat up your cast if you’re feeling up to it.”

Lane’s eyes get big, and they bounce from me to his mom in the kitchen. “Mom, can we, please? Oh, pretty please?”

She laughs as she pulls things out of the cabinet. I try not to stare as her shorts mold to her ass, or the bare skin that shows at her midriff when she reaches up into the cabinet, but I can feel the effect on my own body. I adjust myself as Lane and I both wait for her answer.

“Uh, first, I’m going to fix some pancakes. Trey has been working on the treehouse and fixed it for you, don’t you have something to say to him?”

Lane nods his head. “Yes, thank you, Trey. So can we tat my cast?”

Katie and I both laugh this time. “After Trey eats, okay.”

“Yippee!” he says as he jumps off the couch, and I catch him around the waist before he falls into the coffee table.

“Lane! Please, honey, no more jumping. I can’t handle any more broken bones today.”

Lane at least has the sense to look sheepish. “Okay, Mom. Sorry.”



He came back. That’s all I kept thinking as I moved around the kitchen to make the pancakes and bacon. Well, that and the fact that I could feel his eyes following me everywhere I went. Lane and Trey devoured the pancakes, and Lane even begged for seconds. Once I started cleaning up the kitchen, there was no more putting off Lane. Trey grabbed his art pens, and the two of them huddled together at the dining room table working on the art of his cast tattoo.

“Will you two be okay if I shower real quick?” I ask Trey more than Lane. I feel bad asking Trey to basically babysit my kid, but I would love to have a shower about now.

“Yeah, we’re good Mom,” Lane says, completely distracted as he puts the finishing touches of some kind of shield on his arm.

Trey’s looking at me over Lane’s head, and his eyes travel from my eyes down to the light pink color of my toes. I can feel the heat from his gaze all the way across the room, and I clench my thighs together as my clit starts to throb. His voice is husky when he answers me. “Sure thing, honey. Take your shower.”

Dammmmn. Just the way he says it makes my nipples tighten in response. I nod, completely flustered, and about trip over my own feet as I make my way down the hall. I grab everything I need for my shower and make quick work of getting cleaned up. The desire to stay in there longer to satisfy my suddenly sensitive body is strong, but there’s no way I’m going to take advantage of Trey’s niceness. Fifteen minutes later, I’m back in the dining room and thank goodness too because as soon as I hear the knock on the front door, I know exactly who it is. I probably need to talk to Craig about just showing up unannounced like this.

I take a deep breath and open the door. “Good morning, Craig.”

“Did he spend the night?”

I grab on to the edge of the open door and lean against it and decide to play dumb. “Did who spend the night?”

“The tattooed Neanderthal from last night. That’s his truck still in the driveway.” I lean out the door a little and spot his truck right next to my little red Honda. Aww, Trey already got my car here for me.

“It’s none of your business if he spent the night. And that Neanderthal has spent all morning fixing the railing on the treehouse.” I take a deep breath. Don’t engage, Katie. “Do you want to see Lane?”

I don’t wait for his response. I leave the door open and walk back toward the dining room. Both Lane and Trey look up at me, and I smile, trying not to let Craig’s asshole ways get to me. “Your dad is here.”

Lane looks at Trey. “I’m going to go show my dad. Okay?”

Trey ruffles the top of Lane’s head. “Sure thing, bud.”

As soon as Lane leaves the room, I start to busy myself with wiping down counters.

Trey stands up and walks into the kitchen with his hands in his pockets. “You okay?”


She snorts, and I’m glad she doesn’t try to hold it in this time. It’s adorable the way she snorts and then scrunches her nose up afterwards. “You have to quit asking me that.”

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