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I shrug. I’ve never been more observant about another person in my life, but the few rare, real smiles I’ve gotten from Katie make me want to try to get them all the time. “I like to see you smile. It worries me when you don’t.”

She looks toward the door to the other room and back at me. “So my ex seems to think there’s something going on between us. If he says something... well, I’m sorry, but instead of correcting him, I just told him it wasn’t any of his business.” She starts putting the dishes away, and I move closer to her and don’t stop until I’m right next to her. I reach for the plates and put them in the open cabinet.

When both our hands are empty, I reach for her. “Is it a problem... if he thinks we have something going on?”

She stares at me, wide-eyed. “No, I mean not for me, but I don’t want it to be a problem for you.”

I lean in and press my lips to her forehead and then rest my chin on her head. I should run or talk to her about things, but I don’t. “It’s not a problem for me at all,” I mutter.

She leans into me, her head cradled against my chest. I want to kiss her. For real kiss her, but I don’t want our first kiss to have the possibility of her son or ex-husband barging in at any minute.

Lane walks into the kitchen, takes one look at Katie, and runs toward us. I have to release Katie to catch him before he falls. “Dad loved my cast art. He said I was a natural.”

I release a breath. At least his father is not a complete douchebag anyway. “That’s great, Lane.”

He nods. “Can we finish now?”

I look up at Katie, and she has a worried look on her face as she stares between Lane and me. “Mom, Dad wants to talk to you before he goes. He said he’s waiting on the porch.”

Katie clenches her hands together and gives us a brave face. “I’ll be right back.”

I stop her with my hand on her shoulder. “You want me to go with you?”

With appreciation in her eyes, she covers my hand with hers. “No, I’m fine. But I appreciate you offering.”

I should just let her go. Lane’s already back at the table in the dining room, and I lean in to whisper to her, “If I hear him raising his voice, I’m coming out.”

She shakes her head, no doubt wanting to reassure me, but there’s no need. “Just stating facts, honey,” I tell her as I briefly touch my lips to hers. She gasps, and her eyes widen. I let her go and walk back over to Lane. “I’m ready, buddy.”

I sit tensely in my seat, waiting for just an inclination that I may be needed outside as I entertain Lane. He’s a smart kid, and I notice he keeps worriedly looking at the door too. “Your mom’s pretty special, huh kid?”

He nods. “Yeah, I like that she’s smiling again.”

There’s a tug in my chest when he says it, but I don’t have time to examine it before Katie is walking back in the door. She smiles at us both as she sits down at the table. “I hope you left an open square for me to add some artwork.”

I hand her a pen as Lane starts to cheer. I’m going to have to watch it... I could start to get used to this.



A week. It’s been a whole week since I met Trey, and he’s been over at my house almost every day. If I’m working a late shift or something, I still talk to him on the phone. There haven’t been any more kisses besides the peck he gave me the day he fixed the treehouse. That’s it... and it’s super frustrating.

My phone rings as I’m driving home from dropping Lane off with his father for the weekend. As soon as I see Trey’s name, there’s a tickle in my tummy, and I hit the answer button on the steering wheel. “Hello.”

I shake my head. God, that doesn’t even sound like me. It sounds like I’m about to go tape a porno with my husky, lust-filled voice. I say it again, this time more normal. “Hello.”

“What are you doing tonight?” Trey asks.

“I just dropped off Lane at his father’s. I’m going home to shower the hospital filth off me and then I’m going to probably order takeout from Red’s Diner and watch some TV.”

He groans, and I ask him, “Are you okay?”

“Honey, don’t talk about showering while I’m trying to drive.”

I can’t stop the smile from filling my face. He hasn’t kissed me in a week. I was beginning to think he’d friend zoned me, but comments like that give me some hope.

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