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“Don’t be a brat.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “A brat. You’re calling me a brat right now. How am I supposed to react? Am I supposed to be happy? Is it supposed to make me feel marvelous that another woman is giving you what you want?”

“Fuck no. I want you to be pissed. You feel whatever you need to, you just don’t leave me because of it. It’s you and me, baby. No one else. You. And. Me.”

“I don’t know if I can handle this. I’m not strong enough to accept another woman’s child, East.”

“C’mere,” he grits through his teeth.

“You’re drunk. How am I to know you mean what you’re saying?”

East grabs my hips and pulls me flush against his front. Lacing his fingers with mine he says, “Because you feel me in every fiber of your being. I’m in you, Wylla Mae. I possess every fucking cell…every goddamned inch of you. Baby, you’re in me too. You always have been.”

“I’m scared.”

“When you’re in my arms you never have to worry.”

“And when I’m not?”

“I’m always right here.” East’s splays his big hand over my heart. “Let’s go home.”

Chapter 17

Wylla Mae

I drive to East’s cabin. A road I’ve travelled so many times. My mind is racing. Lynn is pregnant with his child and he still chose me. She can give him things I’m not ready for. I love him but are we doing the right thing? I call him a coward, but the reality is I’m terrified to tell my mother the truth about us. I’m not ashamed, but I don’t want to hurt her.

And this—my being with East…it will devastate her. I know it and he knows it. But I love him. I love him so much sometimes I can scarcely breathe. I’m tired of the lies and the sneaking around. East is right. If we’re going to continue to be together then it’s time we tell the truth and step out as a couple. No more secrets. I put the jeep in park and use the door key on my keyring to unlock the house. I no more as get through the door and my man has his hands on me tearing at my clothes.

“Don’t you ever think of leaving me, baby. I need you. You’re my everything,” he grits in my ear, teeth sinking into the shell and nibbling me there. One hand is up my sweater and the other down the front of my pants. Rough and greedy his touch sends electric sparks through me.

“East…we still need to talk about everything.”

“We can talk tomorrow when we’re on the road for five h


“We’re still going?”

“Told you that nothing has changed between you and me.” Thrusting a finger in me he growls, “Now hush and let me take care of you.” I let out a gasp. “Pussy so tight. So wet for your man.”

East continues working his finger inside me, testing my limits. I feel his erection pressing into my backside. My head lolls on his shoulder and I surrender to passion. I give in to my man. Despite my hurt, I can’t deny him. I don’t want to. Lynn and her pregnancy is a problem for future me. Right now, I want East to make love me like only he can.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” His voice is dark and raspy.

“East,” I pant. I’m so close to reaching my release. My insides tighten. My pussy is on the verge of detonation. Only my biker knows what button to press to set me off. Curling his finger inside me he hits the spot. I let go and shatter around him. His lips find mine hungry and desperate for all that he is. Desperate for his love. I turn into him and lift his shirt over his head. I can’t help but smile when I see the sunflower tatted on his chest for me. I press my lips there. I know he loves me. My name is inked on one of the petals.

My sweater and leggings are next to go along with my shoes. I unbutton his jeans and he kicks off his boots. East is a beautiful sight. Naked, muscled, and tattooed for my pleasure. His gaze moves over me, taking me in. “I’m so damn lucky. I don’t deserve you, baby, but fuck if I’m not selfish enough to keep you.” Gathering the sides of my string bikini bottoms, he pulls the strings up high on my hips. “Prettiest pussy too.” He smirks, tightening his hold. The fabric presses into my sensitive skin along with his thumb. “Think I’ll have Roane tattoo my name right here.” He sweeps his finger over the shaved skin of my pelvis.

“You’re crazy.”

“Crazy about you, Wylla Mae.” Hands on my hips he lifts me. I hook my legs around his waist and cradle his neck. East carries me to bed and spends the rest of the night delivering on his promise to remind me how great we are together.

How perfectly we fit.

How deep his love for me flows.


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