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“East…this cabin is amazing.” I glance around the cozy one-bedroom rental that we’ll call home for the next three days. It’s perfect. The living room and kitchen are open and then there’s the bedroom and bathroom. The décor is rustic and homey. The back-deck houses a hot tub with a gorgeous view of the Smokey Mountains. I did most of the driving while East slept. He was still hung over from last night. We still haven’t resolved anything where Lynn is concerned, I haven’t taken my test yet. I’m not ready to face any of it yet. Maybe that’s foolish but I just want to enjoy this trip with no consequences or having to worry about the future. I want to live in the now.

“Glad you like it.” He shuffles past me carrying our luggage to the bedroom.

“It’s perfect.” Just East, me, and the mountains.

There’s a fresh bouquet of colorful wildflowers, champagne in a bucket of ice, and a card on the center of the kitchen table that reads: Congrats, Newlyweds.

I read the card twice. Newlyweds.

East approaches me. “Whatcha’ got there?”

I hold the card up, arching a brow. He takes the card and grins. “Looks like they delivered early.”

“Um…correct me here if I’m wrong but that card implies that we’re married.”

East says nothing. He just takes the champagne and places it in the fridge.

“So, yeah. What’s that all about?” I press.

“Nothing. I guess I ordered the honeymoon package.”

“You guess, huh?”

“Go change. I wanna soak in the hot tub with you.”

“Won’t it be cold?”

“They call it hot for a reason.” He chuckles and slaps my ass. “Go change.”

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes and go to grab my bathing suit from my bag. I packed a hot pink string bikini. Pulling off my clothes, I toss my dirty stuff on the chair that sits under the bedroom window. I’m bent over sliding my bottoms up my legs when East walks in and lets out an ear-piercing whistle.

“We could just go naked.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck yeah. Nothing better than the sight of you buck naked.”

I shake my head and finish changing. East discards his clothes and puts on a pair of dark grey and black swim trunks.

I grab the champagne and the flutes while he maneuvers the cover off the hot tub and makes sure it’s working properly. We settle into the hot tub, the warm water feeling great and East’s hands on me are even better. I pour us both a glass of the champagne not caring much for the taste but I’m in the mood to catch a buzz.

“Slow down, or you’re gonna be wasted in no time.”

I snort. I’ve never been full blown drunk before but after three glasses I am experiencing the effects. Moving to East’s lap, I straddle him, pressing my breasts into his chest. His arms circle around me, fingers skipping up my back and undoing the strings on my top. I grind over his crotch, seeking the friction only he can provide me. Our mouths connect, tongues dancing, lips moving, deep and wet. Nothing compares to this. To being here with the man I love in our sanctuary. Holding me close, he makes sure I know I’m safe with him. I am so in love with him that I don’t know if I can ever give him up. I’m addicted to Easton Reed.

“Let’s take this to bed.” His words die on my lips because I’m kissing him again. East carries me to bed, neither of us caring that we’re wet. He unties my bottoms and spreads my thighs, parting my pussy lips. East kisses me there, soft and sweet. Taking his time, he fondles my clit and I’m not sure how long I can hold on. I need him inside me. Gazing up at me with adoration and pure love my man thrusts two fingers in my silken heat, stretching me and teasing me to the brink of no return. I’d give him anything right now. I’d do anything to be promised forever with him.

“I want you, East.”

“You have me, baby.” He moves up my body and fills me with one solid thrust and stills inside me. Caressing my cheeks, he stares deep into my soul. “Nothing better. Nothing more perfect than us, Wylla Mae.” East draws out slow and slams back in, repeating the motion, circling his hips, kissing me deep as he fucks me into oblivion. I’m so close. I’m hanging by a thread. “All I want is you to marry me.”

“What?” my eyes widen.

East stops moving denying me of my orgasm, holding it hostage. “You heard me, Wylla Mae Give me what I want. Give me the words. Say you’ll marry me.” I tilt my hips seeking my release. Pulling out East hovers over me rubbing his cock back and forth through my heat toying with me. “Not gonna let you finish till you give in.”

“East, quit being crazy and fuck me.”

“What we’re doing isn’t fucking. Baby, we’re making love. If you want my cock, let me hear you.”

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