Heiress and the Cowboy (Justice Book) - Page 30

“I’ve been looking for you,” Tuck says, coming my way. I swear that my man has gotten even more handsome with age.

“Liar. You knew where I was.” He bolts up the porch stairs, coming to my side.

“Always.” He leans down, resting his hand on my belly as he comes in for a kiss.

“I thought your overprotectiveness would die down a bit after I turned thirty.”

“Nope.” He smiles against my mouth. “Why aren’t you out there with everyone else?” He nods to the small carnival I’ve put together. Okay, maybe it’s not small, but someone needs to spend some of the Justice money.

“Had to pee.”

“Come with me. I want to show you something.”

“The last time you said that, I ended up with this.” I bring my hand to my belly. If I weren’t pregnant already, the smile Tuck is giving me now would do the trick.

“Come on.” He takes my hand, tangling our fingers together as he leads me down the porch.

I don’t have to worry about the boys. Not with all the family around. I can actually see Birdie from here playing one of the games with my boys. She’s become like a sister to me. I’m not shocked to see Calder hovering close behind her. It doesn’t matter that everyone is sailing past the curse dates. I think these men will always be protective when it comes to their family. It’s their nature.

Tuck pushes open the door to the barn. I had a feeling something was going on out here. He’d been out at our main barn bright and early. I know he’s not big on crowds, but he’s not so much that way anymore. I think it’s more because the Justice family has grown so much that it’s more of us than anyone else when we have events. There are only a few friends mixed in there.

I still have those random events I want to go to and he comes with me most times. I find that I’ve also changed. I want to stay close to home where my family is. I love people, and I always have. I think it was because I was filling my life with friends so I wouldn’t feel alone. Growing up in a small family has its perks, but being an only child gets lonely. That’s not so much the case anymore. With all the kids, there is always something going on.

“Tucker Justice.” I smile when I see one of the stalls that’s been empty for a bit with a horse in it. All these years and I still remember that horse. It’s a bit legendary actually.

“Rocky needs a place to retire. Thought we could give him a home.” He opens the stall to let me in. I rush over to the horse and rub my hand along his side.

Tucker gives me an apple to feed him. “Thank you.” Tears slip down my cheeks. “You’re going to love it here, Rocky. Justice men treat you well,” I tell the old horse as I feed him the apple.

Tucker stays close to me as I pet Rocky. Always hovering. I’m a bit surprised he’s letting me this close while I’m pregnant, but we’re being safe. “He’s a good horse.” I turn to face my husband. I pull him down for a kiss.

“How are you always surprising me?” These Justice men are rough and tough, but damn are they soft when you get to the heart of them. The day he came and made a giant public claim on me was something out of a modern-day fairy tale. Pretty sure the papers had written it up that way.

Still, I don’t think people understand all Tucker had done. That fate tied us together at a young age. We were bound to end up together. We just had to grow up a bit, but neither one of us wavered. He was never drawn to another, and neither was I. It seems to be that way with all the Justice men. Once they find their soul mate, they are done for.

If you asked me about the curse, I would tell you that people have the details all wrong. There is something missing because there is too much true love running through this land. People are finding their soul mates which I know out in the real world is rare, but here in Justice land it happens all around us.

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