Heiress and the Cowboy (Justice Book) - Page 31

“You’re the one surprising me every damn day with how you put up with us all.” Tucker’s hands go to my ass, lifting me off my feet.

“I love putting up with you.” I wrap my legs around him as he carries me out of the stall and toward the back of the barn to a small little love nook he put in for us years ago. He sets me down on the edge of a bench that is the perfect height for him to fuck me on. “Especially when you give me a few orgasms,” I tease. He’s already pushing up my dress and yanking at my panties.

“No one else ever gets me on my knees but you,” he says as he falls to them.

“Better not.” He pulls me to the edge, throwing my legs over his shoulder.

“Never. Only ever been you and will only ever be you.” He all but growls before his mouth is on me.

It may have taken us a while to come together, but I wouldn’t change a single step in the road that led us here. We were always meant to be. Nothing, not even a supposed curse, could keep us apart. Love always conquers all.

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