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She nods, but the worry is still on her face. Someday I’m going to have to sit her down and ask her to share her story because, whatever it is that happened to her, it really did a number on her views when it comes to athletes.

When I pull into the parking lot at the zoo, Stella is just getting out of her car. I check myself in the mirror before shutting off my car and getting out.

“Morning,” I say, not hiding my enthusiasm. She eyes me cautiously before she falls in step next to me.

“Is your phone broke?”

“What? No, why would you ask that?” I fish it out of my bag and show it to her. She snatches it out of my hand and hits the home button. There’s a list of text messages and missed phone calls. Most are from her, but the most recent one is from Cooper.

I reach for my phone, but she pulls it away before I can get it.

“What were you doing? Or should I say who were you doing that you couldn’t call me back?”

I reve

rt to my teenage years and roll my eyes. “I don’t kiss and tell, you know this.”

“Since when? We tell each other everything.”

“Since…” I survey the parking lot and make sure there isn’t anyone around who can hear me. Or hear Stella, for that matter, because I have a feeling her reaction might be a little over the top.

“Start dishing. I can see it in your eyes, you’re freaking dying on the inside with juicy gossip.”

“I was with Cooper until four this morning.” I bite my lip to keep myself calm.

“Holy shit, you did not!”

I nod vigorously, knowing what she’s implying.

“You little minx, you. Give me the deets.”

“I’m not giving you any details, Stella.” I reach for my phone, and this time she gives it back. I’m tempted to see what Cooper wants but don’t want to interrupt my time with Stella. She’s important to me. And she’s going to be the one to nurse my broken heart when Cooper leaves.

“Was he good? Did he know what he was doing?”

In an instant, my cheeks warm, and she’s clapping her hands.

“Holy shit, Ains, you got laid!”

“Uh huh.”

“How many…you know?” She wiggles her eyebrows in excitement.

Once again I find myself looking around the area to make sure we’re alone.

“I didn’t count.”

“Liar. I’m calling you out on your bullshit right now, Ainsley Burke. How many times did that hot piece of ass make you come?”

“I lost count, Stel. Like legit lost count because he was insatiable. You know how your first time can be awkward and you don’t really know what to do when you’re done?”

She nods.

“We didn’t have any of that. He held me, kissed me, and didn’t ask if I wanted to do it again. He just told me to roll over. And you want to know the best part?”


“I seduced him. Everything felt right about being with him. He wasn’t pressuring me. All he did was kiss me back. I don’t know, Stella. I can’t describe how I was feeling when I was in his room with him.”

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