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“Are you falling for him?”

I shake my head and start walking toward the employee entrance. “I’m going to have fun and put aside all the warnings. I know he’s leaving, but right now I’m letting my hair down. I’m going enjoy the attention that he wants to give me.”

“Well, I think you deserve all the attention. So I say go for it. Do what makes you happy.”

When I get in, I greet the rest of the staff members and open the door to my office. On my desk is a large bouquet of roses that makes Stella gasp.

“I bet they’re from your lover,” she singsongs.

“He’s not my lover. He’s my love-fuck buddy.”

“Excuse me, what?” she laughs.

I shrug. “Cooper called it love-fucking because it was intense, but so damn hot and romantic, but we’re not together, so what we did would totally be classified as fucking.”

“And now he’s sending you roses? That’s it, I’m finding me a baseball player. Do you think any of his friends are single?”

I ignore her question and pull the card from the roses. The handwriting is masculine, and I’m assuming it’s his.


Yesterday meant everything.


“I’m officially jealous.”

“Don’t be. It’s not what you think.” I don’t know if those words are for her or more for me. I have to remind myself often that this is only temporary.

“So what about one of his teammates?”

“Most of their bios tell you if they’re married. Why don’t you go shopping for one and I’ll ask Cooper, or you can on Saturday when we go to his game.”

“Oh, man, you’re already planning to go to more of his games?”

“And wearing his number. Let’s not forget my level of insanity. I’ve gone from hating the male athletic population to sleeping with one and parading myself around in his shirt.”

“You’re a goner. He showed you the goods, and now you’re a cleat-chaser.”

I’m not a cleat-chaser. This isn’t something I plan to do again next year. Dating someone like Cooper is a one-time thing. The last thing I wanted to do was fall for him, and that is exactly what I’ve done. I thought I could ignore him, but Cooper was determined to break down my wall.

Dear Renegades,

The fans have high hopes for the season so yesterday’s game really isn’t sitting well with us!

With that said, the Renegades lost their first spring training game. Such a loss isn’t a big thing, but it still sets the tone in the clubhouse.

Cal Diamond shocked no one when center fielder Cooper Bailey got the start. It’s been pretty clear that Bailey is being groomed to take over for Bainbridge. It’s unfortunate that Bailey’s batting average stayed in the zeros in his first game. We’ll chalk it up to jitters.

The highlight of the day were the fast bats of Ethan Davenport, Branch Singleton, and Preston Meyers, all batting in runs and trying to put the BoRes ahead. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit, and the Renegades earned their first L of the year with a 7–4 loss.


Divorces are ugly and none more so than the Bainbridge’s. A judge ordered Lisa Bainbridge to bring their minor children to Fort Myers so their father can see them. After a very public ranting session on the steps of the courthouse, Lisa boarded a plane (not a private jet, which she had requested) and flew to Florida. Rumor has it that Lisa was none too thrilled to be flying commercial.

Speaking of center fielders, it seems Cooper Bailey has taken interest in one of the staff members from the zoo. According to my sources, she met his father at the game, making Day One a family affair.

Bryce Mackenzie has called off his engagement to Gabby Nolan, citing time and distance as the cause. We’re sure it couldn’t be because Ms. Nolan was seen entering the home of pro tennis player Ralph Amato, who was once rumored to be having an affair with the model turned designer.

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