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“I love your body, baby girl. I love your smile and how your eyes light up with joy. I hesitated because of doubts about me. Never you,” he said firmly. He led her to his bedroom.

He started pulling her dress off her. She had worn a pretty, black lacy set of underwear. He unclipped her bra first. He cupped her heavy breasts in his hands. “I love you without any fancy, lacy things.”

He slipped her thong down her thighs. She stood nude before him, but he made it obvious he liked what he saw. It gave her confidence to relax and enjoy this time with him.

She slowly removed his buttoned shirt, caressed his bare chest and placed kisses everywhere.

His hands were in her hair. She undid his slacks and pulled them down along with his boxers. He slipped out of the pants and his hard cock sprang forth in freedom. She knelt on the carpet and looked up at him.

“I have wanted to do this for ages.”

“I was stupid to not let you.” He groaned when she cupped his sac and caressed him. She ran her hand down his long length and licked the tip with her tongue.

“Mmm.” She smiled. “I can get used to this after-dinner treat.”

He moaned and closed his eyes. “I think I’m having a heart attack.”

She giggled. “Not now. I am having fun exploring you.”

She took him in her mouth. This was a first for her, so she wasn’t sure if she was doing it right. She’d read books and watched movies. She went up and down on his length. He gripped her hair tightly and thrust his hips. She hoped she was pleasing him. She used her hands to cup his balls. She sucked him hard and heard his moans. They turned her on. After a few minutes, he pulled away.

He lifted her up and laid her on the bed. “That was awesome, but I need to touch you, too.”

He suckled on her breasts while his hands found her moist mound. His fingers slid right in and it was her turn to make noises of pleasure. He played with her clit and added more fingers until she was panting for her next breath.

“I need you, Tony. Inside me, now,” she demanded.

“You’re bossy.” He snorted. “I may still want to play with you,” he teased. He replaced his fingers with his tongue and she had to bite her lip to stop from crying out. It felt good to have his tongue on her, lapping up her cream. Her belly tightened. Finally, the torture was over and she was the one who felt like her heart was thumping too loudly with excitement and delight.

He aligned his cock to her entrance. “Ready for me?”

She nodded and gripped his shoulder hard. He slid in and thrust upward. She arched her back up and wrapped her legs around him.

“Oh yes, this feels so good, Tony.”

“My favorite place to be, babe,” he said with a grunt and pushed himself further in. “Yes, grip me tightly. You are so wet.”

His strokes were fast and hard. “Ah, yes, feels amazing.”

He was relentless in his rhythm of going in and out of her. She thought the whole bed was moving, but she wasn’t sure. “Oh, yes, Tony, fuck me harder.”

He did and she felt that familiar lightheaded feeling. Spots appeared before her eyes, so she closed them and let the waves of fire sweep through her. She came with a loud scream. He came at the same time as her. He leaned down and kissed her one more time before scooting over so he wouldn’t crush her.

“Was that good or what?” he asked.

Alicia laughed. “Give me a few seconds to catch my breath, and then let’s do it again. I need more research before I commit myself to an answer.”

He squeezed her tight and kissed her head. He shook his head with amusement. “I may need a few minutes more than you.”

She sat up and climbed on him, straddling him. She put his hands on her breasts in encouragement.

“I accept the challenge, mister.”

“What challenge?”

“Let’s see if I can excite you back up in a few seconds and not minutes.” She smiled widely, winking at him.

He looked at her with so tenderness in his eyes she wanted to get emotional on him. “Babe, just being around you excites me, but hell, go for it. What you got?”

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