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She gave him a wicked smile and kissed his lips. She kissed his neck, shoulders, chest, and nipples next. He pretended to be unaffected, but she felt his cock twitching in response. “I got all night, babe,” he assured her.

“Good.” She looked up from kissing his stomach. She made it to his cock, which was hard and ready. She licked his balls and his length slowly. “Feeling anything yet?”

“Maybe,” he said, not giving an inch. She could see the humor in his eyes as he put his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose. She knelt on the bed next to him. She used her tongue to taste and explore every inch of his cock. She heard him groan, but she showed him no mercy. After all, a challenge was a challenge.

Chapter Seventeen

Alicia was at work, showing people to a table for lunch. Alana came running up to her with a wide grin on her face. “Your phone has been buzzing off the hook, girl.”

“Okay. I’ll go check it.” Alicia always left it behind the bar and checked it occasionally. After her last date with Tony a week ago, he had the habit of texting her throughout the day just to let her know he was thinking of her. It melted her heart to know he was trying hard to be a thoughtful boyfriend.

“Noah just called me and I have the best news ever.” Alana was practically jumping with joy.

Alicia smiled and waited. She smiled at her sister’s enthusiasm.

“They caught Novak and he is behind bars,” she announced as if she had just hit the lottery.

It took a few minutes for Alicia to realize what her sister just said. She put a hand over her heart and walked to the bar. She felt a little lightheaded. Was the nightmare finally over? “Are you serious?”

Alana nodded. Her parents weren’t here today. Cassie, one of the waitresses, was behind the bar.

“Hand me my phone, Cassie.” Cassie handed her the phone.

“Noah says even his fancy lawyers can’t help him,” Alana continued, hopping onto a stool.

Alicia looked at her messages from Tony. He told her the same thing Alana just had. He reassured her Novak was in a Morehead jail and not in town. That made her breathe a little easier.

She hugged Alana and they laughed aloud. “This is great news. It makes me feel so much better.”

Ray came out of the kitchen. “What is going on?”

They told him the good news and he looked relieved. “That is good news. I’ll let the parents know.”

Alicia nodded and looked at her phone. “I guess Tony and Noah will be down at Morehead for a few hours more.”

Alana nodded. “Come over tonight and we will have dinner together, just us two. We can catch up and celebrate.”

Alicia agreed and they got back to work. Her steps felt lighter as she worked, knowing Novak wasn’t lurking around the corner somewhere. She just had to remember who the shadowy figure was in her dreams. One of his flunkies, she was sure, but she wanted all the men involved in Janice’s death to go to jail.

* * * *

Alicia was so full after the wonderful dinner Alana cooked. Her sister put on a movie, but Alicia fell asleep on the couch. As soon as she was asleep, the dreams started again. She was scared and her arm was hurting. She was running but she couldn’t find the road. She knew they were behind her. She saw Novak beat Janice, but she didn’t know what happened to her. Someone had pushed her down and she had hit her head on the edge of a table. When she’d come to, Janice was gone.

Alicia felt herself crying but she couldn’t make herself wake up. She was stuck in the nightmare and all she could do was keep running. She felt someone behind her. She turned to look and finally she saw his face. She woke up sobbing.

“Alicia, what is it?” Alicia opened her eyes and saw her sister kneeling on the floor beside the couch. She looked worried. A lamp was on and it bathed the room in a soft glow. Alicia felt cold all the way inside, and grabbed on to the blanket Alana had covered her with. She could force her heartbeat to slow down and her chest hurt. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“I remember. Oh god, Alana.” Alicia sobbed, looking around the room wildly and with fear. “Are the doors locked? Where is Noah?”

“He is not back yet.” Alana’s brows were crinkled with concern.

Alicia jumped up and ran to the front door. She made sure it was locked. She could feel the hysteria rising and she couldn’t stop it. Alana looked at her as if she had finally snapped. Maybe she had. Maybe she was still dreaming.

“Where is Carlos?” she whispered.

“Asleep upstairs,” Alana answered slowly, looking concerned. “Should I call Noah?”

Alicia nodded and sat at the kitchen table. She took several deep breaths and tried to stay calm, but she was still dealing with the shock of what she had just remembered. Her hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

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