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Standing at the back door, I shivered slightly. It was pretty cool outside and I was beginning to think that maybe a dress wasn’t the best decision to wear. Remembering his compliment, his words made it a little easier for me to get through waiting. Resting my back against the brick wall, I looked up at the cloudless sky. It felt rare to see the sky so lit up with the countless amount of stars above. Too bad I was currently alone and couldn’t share the view.

As I was staring up, I heard the door open and then the sound of my name. Without even looking at him, I smiled. “Isn’t the view just breathtaking?” I asked, taking in each constellation at a time.

“It sure is,” he agreed next to me. Turning to look at him, I noticed he was grinning at me. Ignoring my eye roll, his smile faltered. “Do you ever wear a coat?” he sounded worried as he immediately pulled off his own, “I might as well let you keep mine if you’re just going to keep forgetting to bring one.”

Feeling the heat reach my cheeks once more, I happily accepted it. Wrapping the coat around my shoulders, it felt like deja vu. Unlike the first time this happened, I wasn’t feeling nervous this time around. Now, I was excited. I had been waiting for this moment all night. We stepped away from the building and headed over towards the parking lot, “Oh, by the way, Olivia’s not home is she?” I asked curiously.

It was embarrassing to think about but the first time I had come over, we had gone over to his house and I didn’t exactly know who he was. Just thinking about her being there, I wasn’t sure I would be able to go back and risk her seeing or hearing something that wasn’t meant for her.

He shook his head, “No, her mom gets her on the weekends,” he explained shortly as we approached his car. Opening my door for me, he ushered me inside.

Feeling relieved, I relaxed against the seat as he got in next to me. When he turned on the car, the same station was playing. It was all exactly like the first time, thinking about it now, I was beginning to feel slightly nervous. This wasn’t just some one night stand that I could leave and try to forget about like last time. There were feelings involved that still left me feeling kind of confused.

As we drove down the road, his hand suddenly appeared on top of my own. While he seemed hesitant at first, the moment our skin made contact, he gave my hands a squeeze before I let his arm rest on my lap. Biting my lip, the warmth he offered was much appreciated.

As comfortable as he was trying to make me feel, there was still something bothering me in the back of my mind. It was something that was bugging me this entire time and before I found myself deeper than I already was, I had to ask him. We were nearing his home and I knew I was running out of time.

Looking his way, I prayed that he wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of my heart pounding against my chest. “This will probably be a weird and dumb question but I have to know.” Swallowing down the lump in my throat, I noticed him send a concerned glance my way. “Are you just interested in me to relieve yourself? I mean, are we just friends with benefits?” I felt stupid for asking the question but if that was how he felt, it was obvious that he would not be able to return my feelings.

The car came to a stop and the engine cut. Apparently, I was too lost in my own thoughts to realize that we were already here.

He then opened his door, “Let’s go inside,” he said while he got out of the car.

Frowning, I didn’t like that he ignored my question. “Mason, I’m serious.” Feeling ignored, I opened my own door and followed after him. It wasn’t a difficult question, just a simple yes or no would suffice. Stalking right after him, he unlocked the front door and headed inside with me following close behind.

He continued walking deeper into the house until he made it into a room that I was familiar with. Turning a lamp on, he finally turned his attention to me. “Friends with benefits?” he repeated it like it was a question, laughing after as he shook his head.

The last time I checked, I wasn’t a comedian. I couldn’t tell a joke if I tried. “How else would you explain our relationship then? We had sex and then hung out as friends, that’s what I would call that.” Damn, my voice cracked slightly. I was starting to get upset before he even gave me his answer.

His attention went downward as his fingers fumbled with the buttons of his shirt. “Janet, how long have you known me?”

Frowning, I felt my brows knit together in growing frustration. “I don’t know, two months maybe?” I was too flustered to think too hard on it, it had to be a close guess. “What does that have to do with anything? Can’t you just give me a straight answer? It’s frustrating!”

He looked back up at me, his eyes capturing mine as I found myself feeling stuck in place. “So you’re frustrated after waiting only two months because there are things between us that don’t make sense?” He unbuttoned the last button and pulled off his shirt, revealing his chest which was almost enough to distract me. “Try waiting an entire year.”

“A year?” I repeated confused, “What are you talking about?”

He then took a step towards me, “Yes, a year. Try imagining going a whole year of watching the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen before who had yet to dare notice me. The same woman that I had wanted from the very first time I saw her go on a countless amount of pointless dates with nobodies while being forced to only watch because she wouldn’t think twice about looking my way.” The closer he walked towards me, the more I could see the conflict crossing his eyes. “And then when she finally does, I have the best night in my life just for her to disappear and never be heard of again.”

I took a step back as my frustration melted away, replaced by confusion and surprise. There was also something lingering within me, a growing desire that was beginning to form in my gut. By the way he was heading towards me, it was like he was stalking his prey. There was a hunger and his eyes that was impossible to ignore. “Mason, I—”

“And then when I finally see her again and feel like I have the chance to start something with her, she asks if all I want to do is simply fuck her.” His voice had become husky as the distance between us grew smaller with each step. “Now that is what is frustrating.”

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