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His weight was crushing as I felt his hips dig into my ass while I tried to wiggle free, but there was no leverage. The ground was too malleable, too mushy from the water mixing in. I squirmed under him as rocks and fallen twigs dug into my skin, cutting me. The weight difference was clear. I would never be able to buck him off of me, and as long as he was on top, I was doomed to fulfill his desires.

My screams died down as heavy breathing took over. Kodiak flipped me so my back faced him, moving to straddle me, his full weight pressing my hips into the ground . His hands fiddled with my hair and the collar before the lock was disengaged. Kodiak pulled the collar from my neck and threw it into the creek before massaging my neck with his rough, calloused fingers. He took his time, clearly enjoying the feel of my soft skin.

I closed my eyes and tried to figure a way out of this, but my brain was mush. If I ran, he would track me down, and that was only if I could get him off of me, which was impossible at this point. I would have to wait for a weak moment, but by then, he might be too far into his plans for me to care.

His weight shifted further down until he was straddling my thighs. I felt his fingers flow from my neck to the back of the bralette I was wearing. There were no snaps, clasps, or zippers holding it together. If he wanted it off… rip. Using his hands, Kodiak tore the back and let the pieces fall over my sides.

His hands massaged up and down my spine. “Much better. These things are such a nuisance, getting in the way of such beautiful skin.”

I couldn’t help but shiver. The air was cold enough, and the wet ground only served to chill me more. I knew he would take it as some form of reaction to his actions or words.

His hands roamed over my body and finally fell to my barely covered ass. “These will have to go as well.” Within seconds, the underwear was torn from my body. I couldn’t help but cry out again and dig my nails into the ground, knowing we were getting closer and closer to the point of no return. I tried grasping onto the ground to pull myself from between his legs, but I didn’t budge an inch.

Kodiak ran his hands over my bare ass before giving each cheek a sharp smack. Pleased sounds came from him. I matched them with shrieks that were muddled by the damp ground.

Before I could try anything else, Kodiak wrapped his right arm around my middle and hauled me up against his chest. “Fighting only entices me more, so please, continue.” His tongue darted out and licked my sweat, dirt, and tear covered cheek.

Clamping his lower legs together, he pinned mine between and under them before raising slightly. His right arm was still heavily clamped around me but I bucked against it, scraping his arm in the process. I still had some fight left in me. This wasn’t over. I wasn’t done.

A growl escaped his lips, and his left hand wound through my hair, pulling my head to reveal my neck. Then I felt a sharp sting on my neck as he bit into it, effectively marking me. I felt the skin break and knew there would be a scar. My scream rang through the forest, but no one was around to come to my rescue.

I was moments from defeat, but I didn’t want to give up. Despair was niggling at the back of my mind, ready to take over. I only hoped it would cloud these memories and bury them deep within my mind where I never had to see them again.

My mantra morphed. No longer was I mentally chanting, panicking won’t help. Now, it was, panicking and doing some weird shit may be your only hope.

With my hair still grasped in his hand, Kodiak forced my head into the ground. For a moment, I was delirious with the heavy hit to my head. The softened ground did little to pad the blow. When my thoughts cleared, I heard a snap and a zipper falling behind me.

I tried to push up from the ground, but my head was pinned and my legs were trapped.

“I can’t tell you how honored I am to be your first of the night. To break you in for the others.” He paused as I felt a wet hand clasp around my pussy, creating wetness where there was none. “You may not enjoy this now, but you’ll learn to be as sick as we are.”

I knew what I needed to do. They beat it into us at a young age. If you are caught, make yourself disgusting. Throw up on them, shit yourself, do whatever it is you have to do to make yourself undesirable. As much as I would have prefered to vomit, there was nothing left in my stomach. My bladder on the other hand…

I let loose and piss flowed between my legs and onto the ground, coating Kodiak’s hand and knees. Part of me was relieved because I had been holding that in for quite some time, but the other side of me wanted to weep in the shower and clean myself of all the filth from tonight.

Kodiak surprised me. He didn’t pull away or scoff in disgust. Instead, he laughed and raised his pee covered hand to the moon, admiring the wetness. “Didn’t take you for one to enjoy water sports, Averie, but I will take it. You’re kinkier than I expected.” I was mortified and had to tell myself to keep breathing as I heard him lick his fingers and chuckle to himself.

My entire body was stiff under him as I realized I had only disgusted myself and inadvertently brought him more pleasure. A sob wracked my body as I tried to pull myself together and think of a new plan. He seemed to enjoy my feisty comments earlier, maybe I could…

A dickish comment was on my tongue when I felt the head of his cock slide against my pussy and up through the crack of my ass and back down again, making sure to not miss my clit. He repeated this motion over and over, causing me to squirm under him. This only helped in his dick’s perusal and gained me a groan from his lips, so I stopped and stayed as still as possible.

Over and over, his dick kept massaging me. From the feel, I could only guess his size. If I were a betting woman, I’d say it was proportional to his body, and that terrified me even more. Not only was I going to be used as a fuck toy in the middle of the woods, then used over and over by multiple men, but the first one I was forced to take was massive. No lube was around, only spit, piss, and whatever pre-cum he produced.

Only that was a lie. My mind hated the events of tonight, but my pussy enjoyed the attention. Each stroke of his dick brought more wetness. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was physically ready to take whatever he had packing. More tears streamed down my face, hating my body and how it betrayed me.

Kodiak paused and felt between my legs. “Oh, Sweet Averie. What do we have here?” Kodiak drove two fingers into my slit and pumped harshly. His fingers left, then I heard the sickening sound of him sucking me from his fingers once again. “Your body wants this even if you don’t.”

Without warning, Kodiak’s hips pulled back, and his dick slammed into me. As I screamed into the ground, a loud moan echoed behind me. Tears mixed in with dirt as they rushed from my eyes. The pain was intense. Not from the initial stretch, because he was right, my body had betrayed me and showed enjoyment where my mind had none. No, the pain came from his length as his head smashed into my cervix and the sensitive inner walls.

“Tight and perfect,” Kodiak said as he stilled for a moment, enjoying his entry. My small reprieve only lasted a few moments before his hips left their place against my ass cheeks.

He pulled out so slowly, it was torture on its own. But his thrusts into me were harsh and fast, slamming against the back walls, hitting spots I didn’t know existed. With each movement, I grew more and more pliant, knowing there was no returning to who I was before this night.

My arms fell to my sides, my leg muscles loosened, and my ass swung freely with each entrance. The only things holding me up at this point were Kodiak’s legs that still trapped my own, and his hands that had both migrated to my hips, aiding in the forcefulness in which he entered me.

With my head and hands free of his grasp, this should be when I fought the hardest, but with him in me and my body’s reaction, I could only think one thing, what’s the point? He had taken me and my body had allowed him.

My face rubbed against the rock covered ground as I buried it in shame. Shame for how naïve I had been this morning, and shame for the enjoyment I was now feeling. I refused to play along and aid him in his assault, but I was too far gone to fight.

Mere minutes had passed since he found me. That was all that they needed to win.

But another blow was about to come. His right hand dropped in front of my thigh between my legs, reaching for the nub that resided there. The one that was far too sensitive from the dick massage Kodiak gave it. I jolted and moved to all fours, trying to pull away on instinct, but I was trapped. “Please, no.”

A dark chuckle rang from behind me before Kodiak spoke. “You don’t make the demands here, Sweet Averie. I do, so cum for me. Squeeze my dick with those tight muscles and shout my name like I know you want to.”

I watched as tears dropped to the forest floor and waited. Kodiak’s thumb and pointer finger wrapped around my clit. They squeezed, rubbed, and pulled, igniting a deep fire within me, one I couldn’t prevent even if I had wanted to.

Dropping to my elbows, I buried my face into the palms of my hands to mask the scream that escaped me as I orgasmed around the dick that refused to relent—the dick whose owner took what wasn’t freely given.

Kodiak screamed his own orgasm behind me as his hips pumped wildly in me, my clit long forgotten. I felt his cum hit my cervix and thanked past-Averie for getting that damned IUD. “Oh, Sweet Averie. Take everything I give you. That’s my good girl.”

Only, I knew his words were a lie. I wasn’t a good girl; I was very, very dirty.

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