Averie and the Grizzly Skulls - Page 10

Kodiak pulled out of me, letting his cum and my juices flow freely down my thighs. I stayed still, ass in the air and face buried in my hands, as he zipped his dick back into his pants.

I wasn’t sure I could stand at the moment, everything was numb from the cold and harsh treatment. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to.

Kodiak pulled off my shoes, righted me, then picked me up bridal style. I wanted to fight and started to protest, but Kodiak shushed me. “I can walk slowly and buy you thirty minutes before we return. When we get back to the cabin, you will be able to shower and rest before the others have their turn. Take your time. Grizzly will not rush you.”

His words sat strangely in the air. After what he did to me, they felt too kind, too caring. But I would take his offering.

I nodded, then laid my head on his muscled shoulder, enjoying the warmth that radiated from him. Despite the events of tonight, I fell asleep easily, only waking to the sound of a loud clicking noise. Lifting my head off of Kodiak’s shoulder, I saw Grizzly standing before us, taking a picture with a polaroid camera. Once it was printed, he walked over to the back wall of the cabin where there was a blank spot and pinned it. I couldn’t process that right now. Taking pictures was the least of my problems.

Kodiak carried me into the bathroom and sat me in the bathtub where the warm water of the already running shower hit my battered body.

“Remember, take your time,” Kodiak said as he removed his hands from me after placing me in the tub. “You have all the products you could need or desire. Here,” he indicated around the shower, “and here,” he said as he opened the cabinet under the sink.

“Good luck, Sweet Averie.” With one kiss to my temple, Kodiak was gone and I was left to deal with my inner thoughts.

I knew they would have to wait, so I caged them in the back of my mind, and got to cleaning. I didn’t want to prepare myself for the next Grizzly Skulls’ member, but I hated the feeling of dirt mixed with cum and tears. I needed to be clean, even if it was only for a few minutes.

I shampooed my hair and scrubbed every inch of my body until I was bright red. The water started to run warm, and I used that as my signal to end the wait. Stepping out of the shower, I found a towel and new lingerie set waiting for me on the counter.

Time for round two.

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