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Withmy‘clothes’adorned and hair brushed as much as I was willing to do it, I stepped out of the bathroom and realized I had another chance to run. Grizzly was sitting in his chair, I was unchained, and the door was mere feet from my left side. I could do it. Just two steps and the door would be open.

But it wouldn’t work. Kodiak taught me that. All the attempted runs in the world wouldn’t lead to a different outcome. Grizzly might be a bit older than Kodiak, but I wouldn’t make it far without a head start. Even with one, I was caught in minutes.

If I ran now, not only would Grizzly be on my trail, but the others as well. Could I handle all five of them hunting me down? What would they do to me if they all pounced at once? I knew Grizzly would find his way to the back of the group to watch, but that was it. Maybe Kodiak would pin me down for the others.

A realization rushed through me. I knew their pasts, but so little about who they actually were and what made them tick. Kodiak had seemed so kind, until he wasn’t.

He wasn’t all bad. Kodiak provided aftercare, didn’t he? He let me rest and took his time getting back to the cabin where he gave me everything I needed to build the walls again.

My mind wandered for a moment, remembering my douchebag ex, Theodore, whose idea of aftercare was throwing a wet rag at me and saying, “Thanks for the ride,” and Chester who refused to let his cum near me because he was a dumbass who thought a female could get pregnant from a toilet seat.

Kodiak was better than them, right? At least, in some way.

I shook my head. No, he was destroying me from the inside this time. He claimed my body, and now, his essence was weaving into my mind.

Grizzly simply sat there in his opulent chair, watching me have a mental battle with myself. His eyes slowly wandered up and down, taking in the new outfit. This one was a dark blue that glittered under the dim lights. It was almost entirely see-through, allowing my nipples to greet whoever was in front of me. Due to the cold air, they were permanently erect.

I couldn’t help but think, these bastards better not assume they are perked up for their rapist dicks.

The one-sleeved top hugged my breasts nicely and had a slit that ran down from the top of my shoulder to the base of my chest, showing as much cleavage as was possible. The bottoms were lacey boyshorts with frilly layer upon frilly layer. I was really starting to hate how adorable they were dressing me. I wanted to enjoy the outfits, but now, lingerie was on my list of enemies right next to the names of every member of the Grizzly Skulls. They might not all be participating, but they certainly didn’t do anything to prevent this horror show.

“Are you going to stand there all night? It won’t prevent what’s about to happen.” My head snapped up at Grizzly’s voice. “By the way, you look lovely despite having your run in with Kodiak. Usually, they are whimpering and begging to leave by now, even though they asked for him specifically.” His tone was thoughtful and curious. Grizzly was trying to figure out how I was surviving the torture.

Easy. I wasn’t. Not really. On the outside, I presented as much of a cold demeanor as I could, but on the inside, I was grieving. Well, attempting to grieve since the night was nowhere near over. And who knew if this would be the end of it? They could keep me locked away forever, and no one would ever find me.

I shrugged and walked over to the table which, for now, was a safe haven of warmth. Climbing on top, I curled my legs into my chest and waited for the inevitable. Memories of what happened with Kodiak flashed through my mind and I tried my best to ignore them. I was frozen and wanted to cease existing for even a moment. But Grizzly would not allow that.

“No response? We can certainly get on with the night then. Time to pick who gets to use you next. Either way, you’re in for a surprise.” I cringed at his words and refused to look in his direction, pulling my legs in even tighter. A few shots of whatever booze they had nearby would do wonders, but I doubted they would allow me anything that obscured the experience. I had to be fully aware of what was happening to me for them to get their fix of depravity.

The bag of names was placed in front of me, and Grizzly bounced it lightly in his palm. “Pick,” he demanded. My shaky hand made its way to the top of the bag and reached in. Another tile was pulled out and rested in my palm, waiting for Grizzly to announce the winner of second place.

He picked it up and said, “Ursus. Good choice.” That was all as he made his way back to his chair and walkie talkie, ready to inform the others of my ‘decision.’

I heard the crackle as he pressed the talk button, and I forced myself to maintain even breaths as he spoke again. “Ursus, she’s ready for you.”

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