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Kodiak had returned, covered in dirt and half soaked with water. Looked like she made him work for it, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my girl. I knew she wasn’t mine, but she would be soon enough.

She would claim me, and nothing could destroy that bond. I would show her we were equals, even if she didn’t want to play along. Our short time together created an obsession. Her looks alone pulled me in but her desire for knowledge, her curiosity drew me in. I knew she would eventually enjoy the creativity and safe space for experimentation that we would provide.

Our late meal was cooking away and would be ready for everyone once we all had a little fun. Two slow cookers sat on the counter filled with roasts, broth, and veggies. Averie would need a filling meal after tonight. We might have to force feed her, but food would enter that body one way or another.

Kodiak was in the shower, cleaning up from his round. Honey and Sonny played cards at the small dining table, but they constantly glanced at the walkie talkie as if by sheer will, they would be called next. I snacked on baby carrots and ranch in the kitchen, enjoying the snap they made when I bit into them.

It was midnight now, but it had only been around thirty minutes since Kodiak returned. Was that enough time for her to come down from the adrenaline rush? I tapped a baby carrot on the counter as I thought it over. Did it matter? Deciding it didn’t, I shrugged and went back to my snack.

After a few more carrots, the walkie talkie screeched to life, and out came the most beautiful words. “Ursus, she’s ready for you.”

A slow, devilish grin worked its way onto my lips as I ignored the glare Honey was sending me. “Tough luck, bitch. She’s mine.” I left the cabin before my brother could drag me into a fight. I had more important things to tend to.

Before I knew it, I was entering the dungeon and couldn’t believe the wonderful sight. There, on the bear skin covered table, was the beauty that walked into the saloon less than twelve hours before.

She was gorgeous and everything we could have hoped for. The others were too eager. And this one… the hatred and terror in her eyes did something to my dick that no other had ever managed.

I had a secret. My dick didn’t always like to work, so I found other ways to pleasure myself and the women that I found.

I was a master of toys and used every hole available.

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