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Icouldtellshe needed a moment as the tears fell, so I hopped off of the table and began cleaning up from round one of my turn. Did she think that was the end of it? Oh no, she didn’t give in when I asked nicely, so My Girl would need to be punished.

A smirk worked its way onto my lips as I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. A quick shower would do for now, and the spray nozzle hit everything just right to make sure I was squeaky clean for the next part of our night.

As soon as I dried off, I grabbed a few wet rags and sanitizer wipes to clean up Averie. She was a mess. Lube, tears, cum, and my ass juices covered her. Despite that, she was a lovely sight, and I smiled the entire time I wiped away the filth. I unbuckled the strap-on and slid it off of her before dumping everything into the large bucket I’d grabbed from the bathroom.

We rarely reused anything. Too many germs and far too much effort to properly clean it all, especially if we were only going to see the person one time. We made it a habit to restock anything we used before we had another visitor.

As I wiped down her stomach and then made my way up her chest and down her arms, I knew I wanted her to be the only visitor we ever had again. She had her reservations and fought back, but My Girl gave in and played the part. The feel of her hands on my hips was so delightful. I wasn’t sure I could let anyone else partake going forward.

Her hands were next to be cleaned. I sanitized them and washed away the memory of what she had done. I threw the rags and wipes into the bucket, deciding to leave her tear stained face as was. It was a work of art. The redness made her gray eyes all that much darker. Staring into them was like looking into the void. You could see nothing, yet everything all at once.

Once the bucket was full and left by the door, I began rummaging through the chest again. This time, I pulled out a larger harness and a special dildo called a sheath or sleeve. Erections did not come easily, but these allowed me to partake in the way I so wished without having to be hard. I wanted to be hard for her, but this would have to do for now.

The one I had chosen to start with was girthy, meant to stretch and punish whoever was on the receiving end. Its length perfectly matched that of Kodiak’s, so I knew she could take it even if it was still painful. Stepping into the harness, I fixed the sheath over my dick and strapped everything together. I gave it a jolly whack and watched the silver silicone bounce around.

Having returned from her trance, Averie sat up and eyed me. Her eyes went wide when she realized what I was doing.

I gave her a bright smile. “What? Did you think you were going to have all the fun, My Girl? How silly of you.” I laughed into the otherwise silent room before pulling a few more toys to the top that might be handy later, depending on how well she did.

Finally, my attention was all hers. She hadn’t moved from her position on the table. Had she accepted what was going to happen? I looked at Grizzly, and we gave simultaneous shrugs.

“Averie, strip and straddle the bench,” I commanded. This would allow her ass and pussy to slightly hang off the end while her knees rested firmly on the footrests. I had more in store, but this was a start.

Mindlessly, Averie removed her lingerie and tossed them on the ground. She was a vision. Breasts the perfect size to cup, and curves that gave the perfect handles to hold while you railed her. What would spit roasting her be like? That was for another time, but I logged it as a future requirement.

Slowly, she slinked down and got into position. Luckily, this thing had straps located everywhere. And before she could even think about stopping me, I pulled straps from the bottom and tightened them around her middle, effectively pinning her while keeping my hands free.

“What are you…?”

“Shh… Let me please you,” I cooed and ran a hand up her back, then down to her fuckable ass. The plans I had for it were diabolical.

Her forehead landed hard against the table as if she was giving up. That wouldn’t do. I would make her fight, one way or another. Afterall, pain was a beautiful motivator.

More straps were placed around her calves, pinning them as well. There was one more thing that had to be tied down, her hands. Moving to one of the chests, I opened it and grabbed a pair of cuffs that had a two-foot-long chain attached. Enough room to allow her minimal movement, but not enough to where she could do damage to me or herself.

I clipped it onto the end of the table and asked for her hands. She crept them up, and I secured them with little fuss.

“Averie, this will be no fun if you don’t put up a fight. Don’t you want to have fun?” No response. Averie laid there motionless.

I let out a sigh. Guess it was time to start the show.

I moved to stand behind her. The table was at the perfect height for either hole which pleased me greatly. With the strap on lubed, I could finally enter my sweet girl and give her the same pleasure she gave me earlier.

I hooked a hand around each hip, lined my makeshift dick up with her glistening pussy and shoved my way in. I couldn’t even feel her muscles tightening around my dick, but the thought of being in her was pure ecstasy.

As I hit her back walls, Averie yelped and tried to move higher on the table, but the straps would not budge. “Nuh uh, uh, Averie. You’re not going anywhere.”

I pulled my hips back and slammed in again, bringing the same yelp from her lips. “Don’t stop making that noise,” I groaned. Again and again, I plunged into her, and again and again, she yelped in pain. Tears stained the fur beneath her, and I took pleasure in knowing I was the cause of such a beautiful sight.

“Please, Ursus. I can’t…”

“Take anymore? Well, my sweet girl, you’re going to have to because we are nowhere near close to done. We haven’t even made it to hole number two yet.” That got her attention. Her head swung to the side so she could look me in the eyes. Terror, delicious terror.

She squirmed on the table, trying to loosen the straps. “No, you can’t! I’ve never… No, Ursus!” She shook her head as she pleaded.

“Plead some more. I love your voice. Beg me, Averie. Beg me not to fuck your sweet hole.” I gave a few more thrusts and relished the sound she made and the redness of her blushing skin.

I soon pulled out of her and kneeled, taking in her wetness. The wetness meant just for me. I leaned forward and licked from clit to taint, tasting every part of her. I felt her body shiver against my tongue. “I think you’re ready.”

I dove in. My tongue lapped and prodded at her puckered hole, stretching it ever so slightly as she fought her restraints. She would enjoy this only if she relaxed. I went harder and pushed my tongue deeper. When she stilled and pushed slightly into me, I knew I had to amp it up. I was not one for comfort or mediocrity.

Moving to the chest and the toys I had picked out earlier, I eyed them, deciding which one would be best to try first. “Ah, this one!” I picked up an average sized sheath to start, but grabbed two larger ones just in case.

I took my treasures over to the table and sat them suction side down on the floor. They weren’t going anywhere.

I repeated the process as I had before with lubing the dildo. Except this time, I lubed her tight hole, shoving a finger in, then another. With each entrance, she tightened then relaxed. “I told you, Averie. This will hurt a whole lot more if you don’t relax. Loosen for me. You’ll find pleasure much sooner if you accept my intrusions. I promise your orgasm will be unlike any other,” I soothed. Pleasure and pain went hand in hand here. I wouldn’t promise her an otherworldly orgasm if I couldn’t produce one. She would clamp this sheath and in turn, me. I couldn’t wait to see her holes flutter with need.

With her ass stretched and lubed to all Hell, I pushed the head of the strap-on in. It glided in with little resistance. I pushed forward, letting it hit all the sensitive nerves. Soft moans were falling from her mouth with each pump.

That wouldn’t do. I wanted her to curse my name and scream in pleasure. Soft moans were the enemy.

Time for an upgrade. After a few more pumps and a few roundings of my hips to stretch her some more, I pulled out. I replaced the original sheath with one that matched the girth and length of the one I rammed into her pussy. I groaned at the thought of her soft screams. I knew this would force some new sounds from her lips.

She turned her head as much as she could to watch me. This time, she said nothing. My Girl was learning. Nothing she said would stop me from amping up the pain.

More lube was applied to all areas, and the fun began. “Hold tight, my sweet girl. This is going to hurt.” Like I had impaled myself on Averie, she was now going to be impaled on me. My hips flicked forward, driving the dildo through the muscled rings, and her glorious voice rang out in wails.

“Ursus, no! Stop! Please!” she sobbed and begged as I stood there unmoving. I had pushed the strap-on as far as I could. Even though there was a resistance I had to conquer.

I pulled out, then pushed forward, pressing firmly but slowly, extending her deepness. The training would take time, but eventually, she would take my entire forearm. I knew she could do it. We were nowhere near that today, and we wouldn’t be close by next week. Perhaps that would be our one year anniversary goal. Yes, by next year, she would take everything I had to give her and more.

There was a horse dildo in one of these chests that I randomly procured, hoping someday, someone would be able to take its length. I slapped her ass, realizing that I found the fuck doll I’d always wanted and added fucking her like a stallion to the list of future requirements along with spit roasting and fisting.

Her cries continued, an orchestra to my ears, pushing me to find that next painful button of hers. I repeated this motion over and over until more and more of the strap-on was being sucked into her ass.

I pulled out and spilled more lube onto the dildo then dumped a load into her gaping ass. I wanted to know how far she could take it. She was screaming and writhing on the table, but every few pumps, I saw her push back just enough to tell me she was also enjoying this. The pain would be excruciating. Stinging pressure, but the build it would cause and the orgasm that followed would make this all worth it.

“That’s it, My Girl. Take it all. Open more and let me fill you until you feel nothing else.” There was no happier place. Never had I been so fulfilled in an evening. Averie took what I threw, gave as good as she got—at least, in my case—and was learning to follow my directions. She was perfect, and a pout sat on my lips for just a moment when I realized our time was coming to an end, for now.

After a few minutes of working her and basking in her screams, I was almost completely sated. She took it all, the entire length. It was glorious. Her ass went from untouched to holding a ten-inch dildo with the girth of her forearm in one relatively short session. There were no clocks in here, but I would guesstimate it had been under an hour since I had entered her backdoor for the first time.

But we weren’t done yet. I wanted to push her limits and see what she could really take. If she could take this easily now, I knew her ass would gobble up something larger in no time.

“One more, Averie, and we’ll be done.” The monster was last, and I knew it would look glorious in her. The upside was that it was a double-sided dildo with a girth far larger than she had taken. I would join her in this pain. “It’s bigger, but it’s squishy and has give, so your sumptuous ass will take it well and pull it in. I know what you need, and that is to be filled and stretched far more than you ever have before.”

Her head was shaking furiously, telling me no. “I’m not ready. I can’t! I hurt so much, Ursus. The stinging…” Yes, it would hurt. I had said that, but her words would not dissuade me. “Please don’t. Another time. Please. Just not tonight.” Her quiet, pleading whimpers floated across the otherwise silent room.

I looked to Grizzly to see if he had any input, only receiving a shrug and a hand wave that said to carry on with my plans. It seemed he was enjoying the show. It was unlike any other I had put on, and I was sure tonight pleased him and fought the boredom he generally had with these evenings. I knew she would be what he needed as well. Kodiak had seemed pleased, I never wanted to let her go, and Grizzly had a happy glint in his eye. What a wonderful and promising turn of events.

Turning back to Averie, I got started. I pulled the double sided monster from its chest and grabbed a bucket of lube—and I meant a bucket. I popped off the top and dumped the entire thing inside. If this wasn’t enough, then fuck it, no pain, no gain.

The prep took longer than I wanted, but soon, my ass was primed and ready, and Averie’s was glistening like a runway light, signaling me for landing. I placed a small, flat vibe under her pelvic bone, aimed directly for her clit, knowing it would help add pleasure to mask the pain and loosen her ass just enough for this scenario to play out as I expected. “Deep breath. In and out and in it goes!” I shoved with all my might as her screams echoed around us. It was a slippery devil, but with each pump, it squished and squeezed into her. “Relax, Averie. You were made for this. I’m only saddened that a real monster can’t fuck us together. Could you imagine?” My mind wandered for a moment, and the pumps stopped.

Her breathing was heavy and came in loud sobs. Based on her reaction, if she had eaten anything recently, her stomach contents would have been on the floor. I shrugged and got back to twisting and working my way in.

I knew there would be blood. There was no chance of us not tearing a bit, not with this size and how little practice she had. She would live though, and I would ride her ass again another day.

“You did so well,” I told her between her body-shaking sobs. “It’s my turn, then we will be bonded together. No one can take that from us.” I couldn’t wait to have this connection. She fucked me, I fucked her, and now, we would be fucked together. This brought on another idea. Maybe I could convince Kodiak to do a team hunt? How hard could it be to find both of us and take whatever he wanted? Added to the list.

I straddled her again, but this time, my front was to her back. I quickly re-lubed my hole and the dildo and sunk down. The fit was tight, and my own screams mixed with Averie’s as I felt myself ripping apart. Up and down I went, pushing myself harder than I had pushed Averie. I was used to the stretch, but it had been some time since I took something this large. Groans left my chest as I bounced. I worked my way down, moving it deeper into Averie as well.

“Averie! Oh God, my sweet girl. Do you feel me? Can you feel our connection?” I bounced and pumped, controlling both ends. Our cries were music, and I cursed Grizzly for not allowing us to videotape in here. I wanted the others to see this magic, see what was possible.

The vibe wasn’t strong enough for me to feel it, but Averie’s body started to shake and grind against the objects around her. Her ass pushed up, then ground down to build her orgasm. Over and over, she moved and I followed.

My orgasm was quickly building with the extra pressure and show Averie was putting on. Her cries built me to my crescendo and pushed me over. “Averie, fuck!” I pushed down hard, taking more of the dildo and forcing Averie to take more as well.

My cum spilled all along her back, and it was a work of art.

Averie cried her orgasm, fat tears running down her face. I made quick work of hopping down, but left everything in Averie. I needed a picture to add to our wall. Grizzly made his way over with the Polaroid camera and snapped a shot of Averie strapped and bound to the table with a giant double-sided dildo sticking out of her ass, a vibe still tormenting her clit, and my cum splayed across her back.

I had a feeling I would win best picture.

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