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Icouldn’tstopthe tears as Ursus gingerly pulled the dildo from my ass and the vibe from under me—which surprised me given his earlier behavior. The straps were removed then Ursus picked me up and carried me to the bathroom just as Kodiak had. I was placed in the tub directly under the showerhead. The hot water stung at first, but soon soothed the aches of the night. I knew I would not be moving until I absolutely had to.

“Relax, My Girl. Enjoy the shower,” Ursus said as he placed a kiss on the top of my head. Grizzly watched from the doorway. There was a new look in his eye, and it sent a shiver down my spine despite being under scalding water.

I was starting to figure out the dynamic the group had, but he was still the odd one out, the top bear in the Grizzly Skulls’ world. He always watched but never participated except for the pictures and some nods here and there. Thanks to the events of tonight and how I knew they’d break me, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would take to break him.

I turned away from the men and closed the curtain, letting my head fall back against the cool tile. The door clicked closed, and I blocked out all of outside noise. Two to go, I thought.

I laid there for quite some time as the heat penetrated deeper into my skin. Eventually, I let out a sigh and began scrubbing and wiping away all the fluid that was released onto me. My entire lower half was covered, but I had to be gentle with myself no matter how much I wanted it off of me. Everything was tender and in need of some time off from this adventure.

Ursus and Kodiak had told me to relax and take my time, that Grizzly would not rush me. I decided a soothing bath halfway through this Hell was needed.

With the stickiness gone and my limbs limp, I put in the stopper and turned on the faucet for the tub. The heated water transferred from the showerhead and flowed along the bottom of the bath, lapping at my skin and forcing me to relax.

The tub filled with water and covered my entire body. It was a warm, welcoming embrace so unlike the adjacent room that was far too cold for the amount of nudity that occurred. I shook my head of those thoughts and forced my mind to go blank as I sunk lower and let out a sigh.

I knew there was a choice here. There was an option to end the night and my forever. Others would have taken the chance, but it only crossed my mind as something that could be done, not as an actual possibility.

Through the night, I blamed them and called them sick, my rapists, fucked in the head, but I now knew that I matched their sickness. Apparently, I could take a lot. It took more than a night of Hell to break me.

Then there was a knock on the door that reminded me that the night wasn’t over. There was much more to come and much more cum to be spilled. I snickered into the water and watched the bubbles splash around before raising enough in the tub to speak.

“What is it?” My voice sounded tired, resigned, but held a sense of calm. I could fight, but it wouldn’t get me anywhere. I would make it clear I was unhappy, but the more I accepted their world, the easier it would be for me to fall into the fantasy in my head.

Grizzly spoke from the other side of the door, causing his voice to be muffled. “Averie, I have a surprise for you.”

I cringed. So far, the surprises hadn’t been appreciated.

I must have made a repugnant noise because Grizzly chuckled and continued speaking. “It’s food. Come eat.”

Food. My mouth started watering and my stomach growled at the mention of food, but ended up flopping unpleasantly, leaving me nauseous. I pouted as I unplugged the drain and dried myself off. Once again, there was a new lingerie set waiting for me.

The top was sparse. The outer portion was made of mesh, a thicker dark blue material with only enough fabric to cover my nipples, not that it mattered now. The bottoms were similar, being a mesh boyshort with only the lower portion having the thick material. This left little to the imagination but was quite the intriguing look. It was hard to not stare at myself in the mirror, but my stomach grumbled once more, pushing me to open the door.

With one last deep breath, I went back into the main room where a small table was set up with a single, steaming bowl of what looked like beef stew and a large glass of water with a pitcher next to it. For a seat, there was a cushioned chair that was just big enough to curl up in with the blanket that laid across its arm.

“Really?” I asked. Confusion contorted my face. I wanted the food and the blanket, but this felt so strange.

“Really,” Grizzly repeated. “You need to eat, and I know we keep the room colder than you’d like. Your nipples give you away.” I glared at him as my lip stuck out in a pout; his response was a laugh. “Eat. It’s been far too long since your last meal.”

Not that he knew when I last ate, but even if I had eaten before coming here, that was pushing twelve hours now. I did the math in my head, but without an exact time, I had no way of knowing how long I’d been here.

“What time is it?” Worst that could happen was Grizzly not telling me. Or so I hoped.

He glanced down at the watch that sat on his left wrist. “Two AM.” I was right. We had just reached the twelve hour mark for when I initially entered the saloon, which meant I was on hour fifteen of no food. For some, that might not be terrible, but with all the adrenaline coursing through me and everything else that had happened, my body needed the sustenance.

With that settled, I sat in the chair, wrapping the warm blanket around my body, and dug into the delicious stew.

Grizzly plopped back down in the same place he had been all night, his chair, and watched me eat and drink until I felt like popping. I knew I should slow down, but I hoped they would give me some time to digest a portion of the meal before throwing me back into the ring.

As I ate, I wondered who had made the dish. They were a lovely cook, and… I shook my head and admonished myself. No, I would not thank them for the meal they gave me between rapings.

Again, I asked myself, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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