Averie and the Grizzly Skulls - Page 16


I refused to take my eyes off of Averie as she curled into the chair and swarmed herself with the blanket. She ate the stew that Ursus prepared for all of us and downed the water as if she had just been saved from a deserted island. I left her alone as she took this time to herself after her time in the bathroom.

Averie needed to prepare herself for what was next. She was taking all of this rather well, and the others were breaking her in such a beautiful way. Kodiak and Ursus splintered her resolve and left traces of doubt and want inside her. Honey would shatter what was left, and I couldn’t wait to see how the pieces fit back together into someone new. Sonny would play his part well tonight.

Everything was going according to plan, and it looked like I would finally have what I wanted.

I let a smile cross my lips as Averie finished the food in front of her and snuggled deeper into the chair and blanket. The fabric was slung over her head, hiding her beautiful face.

The purple streaks in her dark hair brought her gray eyes to life. Tonight’s events only made them shine brighter which told me she was hiding her enjoyment. It was clear that, although she didn’t want this and should be disgusted with my men’s actions, there was some part of her that wanted this to continue.

We would see what she thought after what came next.

For now, I would let her take her time and rest, but I could only hold Honey back for so long before he would erupt. Our Little One would never survive that.

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