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This time wasn’t like the others. I was in pain, but it only reverberated from my nipples. Honey had only used me for his own release, but that gave my aching vagina and clit a moment of relaxation. They still throbbed along with the new pain from my chest, but I would take the small break.

Honey had dismounted and removed the gag, allowing me to pull breath for the time being. My nipples were once again cleaned to avoid infection. How thoughtful.

Another difference was that Honey didn’t remove the straps and release me from the table. Grizzly had given me water via a straw and bottle, but I was still trapped. He had mentioned that Honey and Sonny are a set, so I could only assume this position is the one Sonny would want me in when he starts.

I was mildly annoyed that I wouldn’t be cleaned up before the next round, but this one had been much shorter and less messy than the others.

The cum on my chest was still there along with small amounts of blood from my freshly pierced nipples—which I would enjoy in any other circumstance. The pain had been an interesting mix into the scene. I frowned thinking about how Ursus used pleasure to hide the pain, but Honey used pain as pleasure. Two different sides of the coin. I guessed they really were brothers.

The room was as silent and cold as ever. I laid on the fur coated table, waiting for Honey to finish cleaning up his supplies and for Sonny to enter the dungeon.

My mind wandered to what he would bring. Either it was much worse than Honey, and Sonny brought the real pain, or Sonny was somehow a calm-down from what had just happened.

My body twitched and wiggled in its uncomfortable position on the table. I wanted to move and pace around. I hated waiting, and especially hated it while unable to move.

I tilted my head to look at the back wall and glanced at the four images that sat there. The first with me in Kodiak’s arms, the second with Ursus riding my strap-on, the third where I was tied down with a dildo in my ass, and finally, the one with Honey on top of me and my nipples far shinier than they were yesterday morning.

I sighed, knowing physically leaving this place would mean nothing. They had pictures, and the film would run through my head until the day I died.

Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing? No, what the fuck was I thinking?

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