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Icouldn’thelplonging for the routine the others had instilled in me. Despite their harshness initially, they had allowed time for aftercare, but after Grizzly placed the picture on the back wall, Honey left. His goodbye was a flick to my aching nipple as he walked by.

The cabin filled with silence as Grizzly sat back in his chair and waited. He didn’t release me or pick up the walkie talkie to tell Sonny I was ready for him. His gaze held mine as the time ticked by. Only a few minutes passed, but it felt much longer before Sonny opened the door and entered the cabin.

We were the same age, meaning he was the youngest of the bunch by a long shot. His hair color matched Honey’s despite them not being related; if they were, no one had revealed that information. Instead of Honey’s shaggy cut, Sonny had that short mohawk that accentuated his brown eyes. They looked so sweet before. The sweetness was still there, but some other hidden emotion muddied the serenity.

I found myself drowning in them as he walked farther into the room. I watched him the best I could while still being strapped down.

A smile graced his plump lips as his hand dropped down and grazed up my leg to the spot Honey refused to touch. Sonny’s fingers pulled aside the fabric and gave my pussy an appraising look, making me squirm under his gaze.

His tongue flicked out, wetting his lips which told me Sonny liked what he saw. Without a word, his finger found its way to my entrance and pushed in. I gave a sharp hiss. I was beyond sore and no lube remained, thanks to my shower.

“Shh, Averie. Honey used you as a fuckdoll, but I will bring you so much pleasure, you will beg me to stop.” His nice smile twisted into something devious. My eyes grew wide at his words. I knew there was a name for this, but it wasn’t clicking in my haze-filled mind.

My body was stiff as his finger pulled out and forced its way back in. My juices began to flow and the entrance became much easier on my body.

“There she is. I was told you’re as depraved as we are, and this proves it.” His finger curled inside me, hitting the perfect spot to make me twitch against the restraints. Over and over, he rubbed against the sensitive spot that desperately wanted more.

Soon, my body was moving of its own accord, trying to follow the finger that was not enough but teased relentlessly. I silently thanked Honey for keeping me tied down. The restraints were the only things keeping me in place—not just physically either. The straps were preventing me from making a fool of myself and fully showing the pleasure I was receiving by their vile hands.

A second finger joined Sonny’s first and pumped along, filling me only slightly more. It wasn’t anywhere near enough. After Kodiak and Ursus, a finger was nothing but an annoyance, but he knew how to work my body and found all the pressure points needed to arouse me further.

I felt as if I was going to explode with the amount of need that was building in my lower belly. I couldn’t remember the amount of orgasms I already had tonight, but they weren’t enough. With each new man and the surprises they brought, the tension grew and my pussy needed more. It was ravenous for them, and tears pricked my eyes as the thought crossed my mind.

I was theirs. There was no other way to look at it. They had broken me and began molding me into what they wanted—a cumslut for their miniature gang. I refused to hold the tears back now. They fell from my eyes and crashed down to the table. They were deafening in their silence. The only noise in the room was the rustle of Sonny’s clothing as he worked another finger into me.

At one time, three would have been a stretch, but now, after Ursus, I could handle far more than I had ever planned to.

With my thoughts wandering and my mind occupied, my body had stopped searching for Sonny’s fingers. The tears fell and he was ignored for the time being.

Apparently, that wouldn’t do.

“Averie, Sweetness. You are a lovely crier, but I only want you crying from too many orgasms—or frustration because I refuse to stop.” His smile was heartwarming, and I felt another crack sneak in. Sonny leaned down and placed a sensual kiss on my inner thigh as he pulled out his fingers.

Without permission, a sound of protest left my lips, and he chuckled as he moved around the room gathering some supplies. I heard chests open and shuffling through the room around me. Minutes had passed without his touch on my body. My wetness poured from me, refusing to abate.

My thighs rubbed together as much as possible, but the straps held them apart. If Sonny didn’t deem me worthy of an orgasm, I would not be having anymore tonight.

Stepping up to the left side of me, Sonny placed a box of toys and other trinkets on the ground where they would be easily accessible. This all felt very familiar yet so different. Even now, I could see why Sonny followed Honey.

He pulled a small vibe from inside the box and held it up to the dim light as if he were appraising a rare gem. “This will do nicely. You know, we never reuse toys, so each time is like a treasure hunt. Everything is refilled, there’s new toys, and supplies are added. You never know what you’ll find or what Grizzly will throw in for a little spice. Not that we need to make this much spicier, right, Sweetness?” He gave me a wink as he asked. Sonny turned on the small buzz which was about the length of his thumb and shaped like a bullet in a sparkly purple that almost matched the streaks in my hair, then turned toward Grizzly and toasted him with the vibrating bullet.

The quiet room was filled with the irritating noise. I so badly wanted it to touch my clit and throw me over the edge into ecstasy, but the sound grated on my ears. I flinched away. Sonny noticed but said nothing as he lowered the buzz to my clit, circling it over and over.

The moans could not be contained. They rolled out of my body and covered the sound of the annoying vibrations.

I was seconds from reaching the crest when Sonny pulled the magnificent toy away. More sounds of protest left my lips as my face scrunched in anger.

“Oh good, no one warned you and you haven’t figured out the full pattern.” He lowered the buzz again, but instead of circling, he bounced it on and off of my clit which drove me wild. There was never enough pressure to push me over. A huff left my lips each time he removed it.

Up. “I think you got the truly perfect lineup.” Down. “Kodiak showed you that there was nowhere to run.” Up. “Ursus showed you that even you could enjoy what we are doing here.” Down. “Then pushed you to your limits which were much further than you thought, hmm?” Up. His gaze said he expected an answer, but another hmm followed shortly.

“Yes,” I ground out.

Down. “And Honey, well, we work in tandem, don’t we?” Up. “He comes in and uses you, causing you pain.” Down. “Then there’s me.” Up. “The one who gives so much pleasure, tears will run down your face and you’ll have no other choice but to squirt all over your delectable thighs.” Down.

But this time, Sonny didn’t let up. He shoved harder, forcing the vibration deeper as two fingers from his free hand snaked into my open hole and slammed against all the delicious orgasm-inducing spots.

He was right. Every word. I screamed at the top of my lungs as my body exploded. A zap of electricity ran from my clit to every cell of my body. My pussy contracted, begging to be filled by more than two mere fingers. Tears fell from my eyes at the sudden and extreme relief of the orgasm that had been building for hours.

And the most surprising part, I squirted all over the table. No one had ever caused such a reaction before. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, which was saying a lot given the night I was having.

The high peaked and slowly came down, but Sonny didn’t relent. The vibrator was still placed on my clit, but he had begun circling again, extending my orgasm beyond what should be possible. The pressure was too much, and I wanted to run away, but there was no escaping the tortures of Sonny.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Sweetness. Did you think I would be a one-and-done?” That sinister smile was back in place. “I’m far from it.” With the vibe still against my clit and his fingers working my g-spot, Sonny leaned forward and worked his tongue into the mix, battling the vibe for dominance.

Out of nowhere, another orgasm wracked my body, and I screamed again. This time, Sonny’s name fell from my lips.

“Oh, Sweetness, scream my name again. We won’t be done here until I hear you scream it… let’s say at least five more times tonight, hmm? How does that sound?” He didn’t wait for an answer as his attention moved elsewhere. Sonny had removed the vibe and threw it near the door.

My breathing was anything but steady. I was panting, trying to take deep breaths—or what were as deep as I could currently take. My body felt hot and cold, and I was unaware of what was real. Was the buzzing still filling the room or was it permanently etched into my eardrums?

The only things I knew for certain were the wetness falling from my eyes and the emptiness I felt between my legs.

Sonny’s eyes locked with mine as he finished choosing his next prize from the bin. “Ready for another round, Sweetness? I have many more ideas and an entire box filled with surprises for you.”

As much as I wanted to say no, it wasn’t truly what I wanted. I wanted—no, needed—more. What I truly needed from him was his cock filling me, but I would never utter those words aloud.

More tears streamed down the sides of my face, but now, they were for how disgusted I was with myself.

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