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Ihadneverseen anything quite as beautiful as Averie crying from the multiple releases I forced from her. Tears ran down her face and mingled with her purple streaked hair and the dark brown fur that coated the table. We were aware that the covering was an odd choice, but what could we say? We were Grizzlies, through and through.

I gave her a moment to collect herself and sifted through the box at my feet. I grabbed many items, barely looking at any as I enjoyed a bit of surprise as well. First, I pulled a bottle of lube out, holding it in my right hand, then a vibrating double-pronged dildo that looked exquisite.

The picture of her time with Ursus hung on the back wall, and I couldn’t help but long to shove something into her tight ass—well, tight might not be an appropriate word anymore, but her ass cheeks were plenty round and smackable, so I would make do.

I dribbled some lube onto her pussy, getting everything sopping wet again so only harsh pleasure would come from the entrance of a new toy. Her softs mewlings were music to my ears as I felt her pelvic muscles clamp around my fingers as they prepared her insides. They didn’t want me to leave, but alas, it was not my turn. That would be saved for the final round.

Averie was in a daze as I lubed her, then the toy, but she had also stopped protesting. I knew she would shatter well. We found the perfect woman to complete us and our devious ways. Finally, Grizzly would have the chance to release that pent up anger—really, it was pent up sexual aggression from refusing to bed anyone that wasn’t as perfect as Averie, but we weren’t allowed to mention it.

I shrugged my shoulders at the thought as I wedged the vibrator between Averie’s legs, aligning it perfectly with her wet pussy and lube-coated pucker. Only a small shove was needed for it to enter and rest fully inside. The others had done a fine job of prepping her for my play time.

Only a short gasp left Averie as the vibrator settled inside her. I paused for a moment, wanting to see what she would do. After a few seconds, her ass wiggled against the table and vibe. It was a small twitch, but I saw it.

“Good girl, Sweetness. Tell me what you want,” I mewed.

A groan met my demand, so I pulled out the vibrator in one smooth swoop. Her response was a startled cry that made me smile.

“Tell. Me. What. You. Want,” I repeated.

“Put it back…”

“Put it back, My Sonny,” I prompted.

For a moment, she simply stared at me as if I were introducing a sick game. No comments for a vibrator shoved up her ass but requesting a cute nickname was over the line. Averie would amuse me for an eternity, I just knew it.

“Put it back, My Sonny, please,” she added.

“Of course, Sweetness. Anything you wish.” I pushed the vibrator forward, and it slid in easier than before. She was ready for anything I had in store—or so she thought.

With the vibrator fully in her lovely pussy and entrancing ass, I pressed the ‘on’ button and set the level to medium. It was just enough to drive her crazy with want but not enough to bring on an orgasm, hopefully. Based on her reactions before, this felt like a fair assumption.

I worked on building her back up, playing with the vibe by pulling it out, pushing it in, twisting it slightly, and simply bumping it.

Delectable sounds came from her as the next orgasm built even on such a low setting. It had been a few minutes since we started this torture, and I assumed she would be begging for release by now, but no words came.

I wanted to see her breaking point. I wanted to know where the line was between this Averie and the one that would beg for us to end her suffering and fill her with all of our dicks just as long as she came one or ten times in the process.

The vibrator was turned too high, but the buzz pattern was switched to pulse which was a setting that drove everyone crazy. Any release that came from it was instantly ruined by the awkward intervals. A smirk crossed my lips at the thought of ruining her next orgasm or two, just to punish her for fun.

Her cry rang out as the first few pulses made their way through her.

“Tell me, Averie. What do you want? Use your words, Sweetness.” I tapped the vibrator as it buzzed, forcing it to move more harshly against her g-spot. The twitches of her body were extremely amusing and distracted me from her speaking.

“′asm, please, My Sonny. No more.” She sounded on the verge of tears, and that was delightful to my ears. Averie was right where I wanted her.

“As you wish, Sweetness.” The pattern was put on constant mode before I leaned forward and sucked her clit into my mouth. Her orgasm was instant.

“Fuck, Sonny! My Sonny, don’t stop! Please, more, more!” Her screams rang through the room, and I glanced over at Grizzly who had a pleased look on his face. It seemed we were all on the same page. Averie was the one.

The time wore on, and I gave Averie six more orgasms. She learned well from the third one and asked for release when she needed it. She even put off cuming for as long as she could to extend her pleasure.

Averie was perfect.

Every hole had been used and worshiped in our time together, but there was still one thing we needed to do. Before we got to that, I waved Grizzly over so he could take the photo. It wasn’t fancy like the others, but it showed how much pleasure I had given Averie and that meant more to me than being an artistic asshole.

After the photo was on the wall, I undid her straps before removing my clothing and picking her up so she could be situated on top of me.

Her legs were Jello, and she collapsed on me from exhaustion. I would not apologize for giving a woman nine orgasms in the span of two hours. It would have been more, but she really enjoyed drawing them out.

I was about to push her back up to a sitting position when I felt someone straddle my thighs and pull her up right. From over her shoulder, I saw Grizzly’s dark brown eyes staring back at me from under his graying hair.

Averie was awake enough to mumble a ‘thank you,’ but her limbs were shot. Apparently, Grizzly was going to take it upon himself to hold her up and help her work me so I could fill her with cum like she had begged for during the last four orgasms.

I was rock hard and ready to be inside of her. Truthfully, I had been ready since before I entered the cabin. The others had bragged about their time with her, and with each new story, I grew needier and needier, but I wasn’t going to give in so easily. Not when there was work to be done. Averie had to break, and after this round, she would be put back together in a way that fit us like no other ever would.

Without a word, Grizzly lifted her and grabbed my cock to line it up. My face showed my surprise, but it was short lived.

As soon as Grizzly dropped Averie onto my waiting dick, all else faded to nothing. I had been listening to her moans all night, and now, I could reply with my own.

Soft pants left her lips as Grizzly bounced her on my dick, doing all the work for us. His eyes dared me to move, so my limbs stayed where they were as if I was strapped to the table as Averie had been.

Grizzly pumped me in and out of Averie’s sweet pussy, over and over as I laid there. His hand snaked around her hip and massaged her clit, sliding his fingers and palm down her pelvis and over my dick as he went. The extra sensation felt amazing mixed with the shock of Grizzly participating in such an intimate way.

Taking Averie was one thing, but this was entirely unexpected.

Averie’s moans grew louder and more breathy before I felt the muscles of her heated core clamp around my cock. One pulse from her and I was a goner. My cum spilled inside her, my moans mixing with hers as Grizzly watched from above.

I could have stayed inside her forever, but apparently, Grizzly wanted to play games tonight too. Instead of letting me enjoy her heat, he pulled her off of my dick before grabbing it and massaging the tip harshly which was an easy trick to ruin any man’s orgasm. I spasmed off of the table but was trapped by two sets of thighs. I was tempted to bat him away, but knowing Grizzly, the punishment for that would be far worse.

I accepted my punishment as it only lasted a few seconds, but I was heaving breaths by the end.

“I know many tricks, Sonny. I may not participate, but imagine the things I have seen to allow the events of this cabin to take place.” The smile that etched itself upon his lips was filled with darkness and lust. He wanted to play, but had been so Hell-bent on finding the perfect woman, he never did.

But now, here she was, ready for him to take her.

Good luck, Sweetness. None of us can prepare you for what is to come, but I promise you will enjoy it.

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