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I pulled Averie off of Sonny and held her in my arms as I took her into the bathroom. She was covered in Sonny’s cum, her own cum, tears, and who knew what else. Averie needed a bath and I would join her. The tub was large enough for at least two of us to get in with Averie smashed between us.

That was an idea I’d never thought would cross my mind. No other woman had instilled this much desire in me. There were some that I had wanted and they easily took to me, whether it was because of my looks or status.

With Averie, it was different. She started the night not wanting any of this. She was repulsed by the idea, and I was sure her inner thoughts held words like rapist, sadistic, and so on. But, I also knew her mind warred with wanting the pleasure that we offered.

It was easy to see her descent, and the final piece was Sonny. He put her back together just enough for me to swoop in and seal the deal. I was the one no one could get. I told her this as did the others, and even in her current situation, everyone wanted what they couldn’t have. I was the ultimate achievement, as was she. Given her state, I doubted she saw it this way, but the rest of us knew what a feat it was. I was proud of her, nonetheless, and hoped one day, she would revel in her triumph.

I turned on the tap and let the hot water flow over the porcelain before setting Averie in the tub to warm up. I removed the final scraps of her blue lingerie, then removed my clothing as well. Pushing her slightly forward, I slid my body in behind her, enjoying the sting of the water and the softness of her body.

A sigh escaped my lips as I held her against my chest and watched the water rise around us. “Lovey, soon you will have a Grizzly Skulls’ name, and no one will ever take you from us.” I kissed the top of her head and told her stories about my motorcycle club. She would pay for this information but not in the way that she had earlier tonight.

Averie was our sow, whether or not she knew it, and I would cherish her for the rest of my days.

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