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Warmthmetmewhen I awoke. The last thing I remembered was crying from another orgasm. It had all been too much, and mixed with the rest of the night, there was a good chance I passed out. My mouth felt like cotton as I licked my lips, wishing I had a large glass of water.

I lifted my head to take in my surroundings. I was no longer strapped to the table in the center of the room. Instead, a twin bed that felt like Heaven had replaced it. The sheets were soft and lush. The comforter was overstuffed and tucked in around me. And the pillows? Fluffier than any others I had ever come across.

Dropping my head back down into the blankets, I snuggled deeper. I didn’t know where the guys were, but I wasn’t moving until I needed to. This was the Heaven on the other side of the Hell I just went through.

I fell back to sleep for who knew how long, and this time, when I raised my head, a small table sat beside the bed and held a large glass of water and the pitcher from dinner. Beside the glassware was a small plate filled with biscuits and sausage gravy.

Licking my lips again, I sat up and reached for the glass of water. I chugged half of it down before looking around the room. Grizzly wasn’t in his usual spot, and I didn’t hear any noise coming from the bathroom. I wondered why I’d been left alone. They clearly trusted me not to run—that was made apparent after Kodiak’s round.

My stomach growled, so I shrugged my shoulders and dug into the food with the fork they had also left. I couldn’t help but moan as the gravy pooled over my tastebuds. It was delicious. As I chomped away, I noticed a small note sticking out from under the platter. I unfolded it and read it aloud.

“My Girl, enjoy the meal as I enjoyed your body. Savor it, devour it, and pray there is more to come. Your Ursus.” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help the small smile that crossed my lips. I now assumed Ursus was behind the stew as well which had been equally tasty and zapped my hunger away. These weren’t difficult meals, but they were easy enough to mess up.

A few minutes later, the plate was empty, and two glasses of water mixed with the meal in my stomach. I was full and happy, but my bladder began to protest, despite me wanting to lay back down. Flipping the covers off of my lower half, I noticed the clothing I was currently wearing. On my torso was a large black t-shirt with the Grizzly Skulls’ symbol on it. I lifted the hem to find a pair of simple, black, cotton boy shorts instead of another round of skimpy lingerie.

Confusion marred my face as I made my way to the bathroom. After relieving myself which stung like a motherfucker, I looked in the mirror. My cheeks had a few scrapes from where Kodiak pushed me into the ground, small dark bags under my eyes from the long night I’d had, and there was something different about my eyes.

I had assumed whatever spark they held before my captivity would be gone, but instead of it disappearing and leaving a blank gaze, the spark had morphed. It was as if my eyes were filled with darkness but shone much brighter than before. My loud chuckle filled the room. Even if I told no one about last night, they would all know something was different.

As much as I regretted my decision to come here initially, my mind was pushing back and telling me that it was no longer a regret. My time with Kodiak, Ursus, Honey, Sonny, and Grizzly had been horrifically enjoyable. My face turned to one of disgust as I stared at myself in the mirror.

The logical side of my mind said this was insane, that I should be running back into the forest to continue the fight. But the other side, the one that people kept hidden from the real world, said that this was the greatest night of my life and a turning point for me.

Shaking my head, I splashed water on my face then dried it with one of the towels hanging on the nearby rack. A heavy sigh left my lips as the two sides of my mind warred. I had a guess as to who would win, but it would be chaos until the other was trampled.

Walking back into the main room, I made my way back to the bed for some more rest and water. Sitting there on my pillow was a walkie talkie. Someone had come in while I was in the bathroom and placed it there. No sound came from it as I checked if it was turned on, which it was.

It sat heavily in my hand as I debated on speaking into it and what I would even say to whoever was listening. Was it Grizzly? How about Kodiak or Ursus? Or Honey? Or Sonny? Maybe someone I hadn’t met yet? Someone who hadn’t violated me… yet. I grimaced at the thought.

I was coming to terms with what happened and wouldn’t fight—well, wouldn’t fully fight—another round with one of the five, but any other member apparently gave me the shivers. The thought of anyone touching me besides my… no, not my, the Grizzly Skulls who were here last night repulsed me.

I groaned and dropped the walkie talkie onto the bed before pacing the room. I paced and paced until the photos caught my eye. No one had shown me the images, and they were always too far away to see correctly. Plus, they’d had me in positions that kept me from easily viewing the world around me.

The first one would have been sweet if we weren’t covered in mud and scratches. Kodiak had a soft look on his face as he gazed down at me. It looked as if he were my giant protector. A smile attempted to form on my face, but I wiped it away.

The second was a stark contrast. It was a work of art. Never had I seen such an image. Who would have thought a dildo that large would fit inside me and look so intriguing in a picture? My fingers traced the buoyant shape on the polaroid before moving to the next one.

The third image was as interesting as the last but in a much different way. Honey’s face was pure serenity as he bounced his balls in my mouth, enjoying the licks I gave the sensitive skin. The piercings gleamed under the soft light, drawing the eye directly to my breasts. I hated to admit it, but they looked fantastic. The ache was still there, but someone had placed some cream on them which helped. My hands moved up to cup them as I moved onto the final picture.

The fourth Polaroid showed me passed out and strapped down on the table. Tears stained my face, and my pussy was in clear view, showing how used it had been. The red was beautiful against my creamy skin. I reached up to touch the image when I noticed a second one was tacked behind it. Moving the one on top, I revealed the hidden one. This Polaroid showed me in the bathtub surrounded by water with Grizzly at my back.

I didn’t remember that happening, but clearly, it did. His face was calm as he kissed the top of my head. My features were relaxed and serene as I floated in the steaming water. That might be a Polaroid camera, but the quality of the images made it from this decade.

“Damn them.” They had weaseled their way into my throbbing pussy and my ever darkening heart. “Fuck, fuckety, fucking Hell in a handbasket.” I marched toward the bed and ripped the walkie talkie from my pillow, pressing the talk button. “Now what?” I didn’t know what else to say. ‘Hi’? ‘I’m ready to be stuffed again’? How about, ‘fuck you all, someone get in here and bring booze’? That last one was a decent option, but static rang out before I could say more.

“I know you saw the other cabin. Head over. We left you a pair of shoes by your door.” Grizzly’s voice was clear and direct. I groaned but did as I was told. If I didn’t, I’m sure someone would come over and drag me to the other cabin.

“What he forgot to say was, ‘we have a surprise for you’ and more food.” That made me laugh. Ursus most likely stole the device just to tell me that. Fucker, that was a sweet thing to do.

I couldn’t help but reply. “Does that mean there are more biscuits and gravy?”

The talk button on the other end was pressed a few times, and I heard small portions of a tussle over the walkie talkie before Grizzly’s voice came through again.

“Yes,” was all he said.

I made my way to the door, and sure enough, there were a set of black slide-on sandals with purple trim in my exact size. I rolled my eyes and opened the door, breathing in the fresh air. I must have slept a long time because it was mid-afternoon based on the sun position and heat in the air.

The other cabin was off to the right in a thicket of trees. I turned in that direction and started the short trek.

It wasn’t long before I was walking up to the front door. I had only made it two steps when the door swung open and Grizzly stood before me. “Come in. As Ursus said, we have a surprise for you.”

I nodded in response and followed Grizzly through the front door. He closed it behind me, and I was greeted by four gazes. Blue, green, amber, and brown eyes all stared at me from various places around the large room. Kodiak was sitting on the couch that was positioned in the middle of the room and in front of a large TV. Sonny sat on the right armrest. Ursus was in the kitchen holding a hefty plate of fresh biscuits and gravy. Honey leaned against the kitchen counter behind his brother.

None of the gazes affected me more than the others. They were all intense, and that’s when I realized I never wanted their eyes off of me.

I turned to look at Grizzly whose dark brown eyes were glued to me as well. He had a small smile on his lips, and I couldn’t help but return it with a bright one of my own.

Maybe this surprise wouldn’t be so bad.

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