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Thiswasnotthe Averie that we met yesterday. When I played with her, she was terrified and fought for her life. This one was filled with darkness and depravity. She fit in well with the group of men that surrounded her.

Her dark brown hair filled with purple streaks fell in a mess around her shoulders, covering a portion of the shirt Grizzly had placed on her.

Whatever entity decided she was to enter our saloon looked kindly upon us. We broke her, twisted her insides, ruptured the reality she knew, but here she was, standing tall and smiling.

Averie was shattered and reformed into the woman that was before us. That’s where our surprise came in. Just as we all did when we entered the Grizzly Bears, so would she choose a name from the grizzly head.

Ursus didn’t waste any time walking up to her with the plate of food she requested. I couldn’t fault her. Ursus was a genius in the kitchen, and we were lucky to have him. He guided her to the dining table and let her eat in relative silence. The Bird Cage was blasting on the television. It is a fantastic movie. Fuck anyone who says otherwise.

I watched her eat her fill, giving little notice of the others in the room. We might have captured her, tortured her in ways that would irrevocably destroy any other’s mind, but she came out as a phoenix from the ashes, not a sow to a motorcycle club.

Averie was different, and I couldn’t wait to see how she reacted to Grizzly when he finally let go. Truthfully, we didn’t really know what he would do once he had his turn. I would have to ask her afterwards. I also wanted to know what she thought of our time together now that she had the freedom to think and process for a few hours.

For me, it was life changing, and the others agreed. We were in awe of her, and the way she stared back without flinching proved that she was meant to be a part of our lives forever. I couldn’t wait until our next encounter in the woods. I had a feeling she would fight much harder and play dirty. A smirk formed on my lips as my daydream took me far away, reminding me that Ursus requested a dual match. I enjoyed his body as well as hers, so I was far too happy to oblige.

As she finished her plate and drank down another glass of water, Grizzly cleared his throat and we all snapped to attention.

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