Averie and the Grizzly Skulls - Page 27


But we were serious. More serious than we had ever been, especially me. I was the wild card. The one no one could tame, until her. I wanted destruction, to maim, to kill. And I would, but I wouldn’t let that level of darkness touch my Little Bird. I would fulfill those needs elsewhere, then come back to her and fuck her while I recited my wrong doings.

Maybe one day, she would join me on an excursion.

A smirk formed on my lips as I stood behind Ursus and stared at Averie. She was turned away from me so I couldn’t see her lovely face, but I could easily fantasize about the new piercings she had.

I licked my lips thinking about what else I could pierce on her. Perhaps her clit would be next. I thought over this and knew I would have to time it well so there were no issues. But then again, did I want to wait two weeks to have sex and then be nice about it? I gave a small shake of my head. Of course I didn’t.

Even if I were willing to wait and put our play times on pause, getting the others to cooperate would be impossible, unless I got Grizzly on my side. This might be doable afterall.

My mind drifted further as the piercings ran through my head. I decided she would need jewelry in every color under the sun along with matching outfits. The pictures that wall would hold by the end of our time together would be a glorious testament to what the human body could handle and how devoted we were to her.

Before I let my mind get too sappy, I refocused on my Little Bird who was still having a stare down with Grizzly.

“Why would I lie to you?” Grizzly challenged her. “At what point have I ever been anything but clear and truthful?”

Averie nibbled on her bottom lip as she thought over his words, running their interactions through her head. “Never, you’ve never lied.”

Such a good Little Bird. Even with the minimal time she spent with us, she knew us. It was amazing what a few traumatic events would do to a person’s mind, and I couldn’t wait for more.

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