Averie and the Grizzly Skulls - Page 28


I rolled my eyes. Sweetness had no reason to believe or trust us, but she should have learned to listen by now. Grizzly was not one to mince words, certainly not with her. He found that pure and constant truth made others, especially unwilling others, believe everything you said. The trust was built on harsh realities, but it was still there.

Averie’s bottom lip was still sucked between her teeth, and her eyes never left Grizzly’s.

“Averie, be the good girl I know you are and cooperate. Are you ready to listen?” Grizzly growled into the room.

Her eyes went wide for a split second. Even I took a sharp breath in. Grizzly never let anything slip like that. It was different from his usual commands. Those were loud and barked in our direction when we were being dipshits. This growl was dominating in a way that sifted desire into the room when there was previously none—well, not none since we all still wanted Averie, but we had tempered our needs for now, except for Grizzly.

Watching him unleash his pent up energy would be the show of all shows, and I hoped he let us watch.

My tongue traced my lips, wetting them, as Averie finally broke the silence that had fallen over the room at Grizzly’s commanding voice.

“Yes.” Her eyes darted down to the bear head that Grizzly carried. They shimmered with curiosity, and her fingers twitched as they sat on her lap. She was forcing herself to behave when she really wanted to reach out and get on with the show, consequences be damned.

Grizzly grunted as he swayed closer to Averie. Her eyes sparkled, showing her excitement whether she wanted to or not. I stifled a chuckle behind my hand and saw the others do the same out of the corner of my eye.

This was the woman I pleasured far into exhaustion because of my own wants, and yet, she seemed to have us all wrapped around her finger. She could never find that out.

Hell would break loose if Averie knew the power she now grasped. I held back a snort when I realized that giving her a nickname and inviting her into the club would do just that.

All of us would have to work that much harder when we played with her to prove that she was also wrapped around our fingers.

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