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I couldn’t help but smile as Moon read her new name. It was perfect for her. She lit up our souls even though they were shrouded in darkness. The Moon was not a source of light but was able to reflect it where it was needed.

And we desperately needed it.

“You are named for the Himalayan black bear. They are distinctive in their markings and are not easily mistaken for others.” I flicked a piece of her hair to indicate one reason the name fit her so well. No one could mix her up with another.

Chuckles rang out around the room as everyone took in her new name and clearly came to the same conclusion. Although it suited her, ‘Moon’ would allow for many jokes just as others had—specifically Honey’s.

“No one make any Moon Moon jokes or our next play time will be far worse for you,” Moon ordered with a little bite in her voice. She was having a hard time holding herself together; she would probably make the jokes at her own expense even if we didn’t participate.

“It fits you, Our Moon,” Kodiak said as he reached out to her. She flung herself forward, bypassing me, and was encapsulated in his large arms. He gave me a wink over her shoulder, letting me know that it was partly to annoy me, but I knew there was much more to it.

“Kodiak, you’re going to have to share better than that if this is going to work,” Ursus complained, and Honey made a grunt in agreement from beside him. Before anyone else could respond, Ursus flung himself into the mix and wrapped himself around Moon as well.

Soon, Sonny and Honey joined in, leaving me as the lone outlier.

I let them have their fun and placed the bear head back on its hook above the television. I would have my time with Moon soon enough. They could have this moment to themselves. Besides, I had something to prepare.

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