Averie and the Grizzly Skulls - Page 31

Not only did we have the sex dungeon and the congregation cabin a short ways into the woods behind the saloon, but we had various others meant for members to use as needed. One was specifically built for the president. That wouldn’t always be me, and when that day came, I would move to a smaller one.

The one I currently resided in was the same size as the cabin I left the others in and was decorated to fit my personality. The colors were a mix of deep purples and dark browns. The curtains and bedding were purple while the furniture and bear skin rug were brown—even the dishes in the kitchenette followed the color scheme.

I couldn’t help but laugh and roll my eyes at how perfect it was now that Moon was in the picture. Her purple streaked hair and my dark brown eyes meshed well.

I shook my head and got to work. From the closet, I pulled some candles and placed them around the room, lighting them to bathe the area in candlelight. The coffee table that partially sat on top of the bear skin rug was pushed to the side to create an open space. After watching her shiver through the night, I made sure to throw a few extra logs into the stove near the back of the cabin between the kitchenette and the bathroom door.

I kept the area open and minimal. Only I entered the space unless I needed a one-on-one and wanted to ensure we were not interrupted.

The next step was pulling chocolate covered strawberries out of the fridge and setting them on the table then making sure the blackout curtains were tightly closed. I was far too prepared and ready after spending years without the touch of another. I wanted everything to be perfect and had ordered the lower members to organize everything for my time with Moon. There were perks to being the president and having grunts to buy exorbitant amounts of lube and procure chocolate covered strawberries was one of them.

Everything was ready for Moon to spend some solo time with me. No one had deserved my touch until now. The others asked for the torture we provided and came out damaged. Moon was a beautiful, yet unwilling, participant who came out stronger than before.

Moon was the only woman I would allow into my life until the day I left this world.

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