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“Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” I gasped.

“I’d never let you leave me, little wolf. Not even death could take you from me.” His gravelly, familiar voice washed over my skin, and I was afraid I was going to faint. He lifted an eyebrow at me in challenge, and I launched myself at him, whimpering as I breathed him in.

It was official…something was wrong with my head. This man had bought me, kidnapped me in the middle of the night just because he could, and kept me prisoner on his island. He’d forced me to orgasm when I’d been furious at him…and yet…

I’d never been happier to see someone in my whole life.

My world the last few months had been trapped in shades of grey. And just seeing him now, it was like it had suddenly exploded into color.

I flushed when I realized he was staring down at me in the same way that I’d been looking up at him.

“You’re alive,” I whispered, my eyes filling with tears.

“Syn,” he murmured, but I’d buried my face in his chest. “Syn,” he repeated.

I sniffed and peered up at him. And as soon as I did…

That was it.

His mouth crashed against mine. His tongue licked at my lips desperately until I let him in to tangle with mine. Hendrix groaned, and he slid his hands in my hair, holding me in place while he devoured my lips.

I was lost in his taste, in the feel of him. I was still half-convinced that this wasn’t real, that this was another one of my dreams, and any minute now I’d wake up and he’d be gone.

He bit my bottom lip and I cried out against him, waves of lust reverberating through my body.

“I’d almost forgotten how you tasted. So fucking good. Like nirvana,” he breathed as his hands trailed down my body, pausing on my breasts as he squeezed and massaged them for a moment before continuing down my body until they were at the bottom edge of my dress.

He pushed the skirt up, his talented fingers quickly sliding under my panties and caressing my folds as I whimpered against him, my cries lost in his mouth.

His fingers began to work inside of me, and I squeezed my eyes shut at the sensation. He worked them in and out of me, and I moved my hips against him as if it was his cock fucking me and not his fingers.

His thumb worked at my clit while he slid another finger into me. I arched against the wall, my lips ripping from his as I panted desperately as he stretched my sopping wet channel.

“Have to taste you, little wolf. I’ve dreamed about this,” Hendrix purred before removing his fingers and sinking to his knees. He draped my left thigh over his shoulder and licked at my slit through my panties, burying his nose in my core and moaning loudly.

It might have been the hottest fucking thing I’d ever experienced. His index finger shifted into a clawed point and he swiped at my silky underwear. As soon as I was bare to him, he began to lick and suck at my folds, going back and forth between my clit and spearing me with his tongue. I gripped at his hair, riding his face like I’d been possessed. His hands reached around me and squeezed my ass, pulling me forward until I was sitting on his face and his tongue could reach even farther into me.

“Hendrix,” I moaned breathily, the sound of my voice seeming to reverberate around the room as it combined with the erotic growls he was pressing against my skin. I writhed against him as he ate me. Devoured me. Owned me.

“Please, please, please,” I cried out as my insides tightened while he suckled on my clit and his fingers massaged the perfect place inside of me.

I erupted, the pleasure tearing through me until tears were falling down my face from how overwhelming the sensations were. He sucked and licked through my orgasm, sending off tiny shockwaves that kept the pleasure going. Hendrix continued until I was literally screaming and on the verge of having another one.

And then he abruptly pulled away, pulling at his belt and undoing his pants.

“My perfect little wolf,” he hummed throatily as he slipped my leg off his shoulder and stood up. His eyes were blown out, the black completely overtaking the light blue.

Hendrix’s hands were all over my body, like he couldn’t get enough. His lips were sealed over mine again, and I could taste myself on his tongue. It turned me on even more.

He was licking and biting all over my skin, making sure I could feel him afterwards. My core was throbbing, still desperate for more even after the incredible orgasm he’d already given me.

His forehead rested against mine.

“I have to fuck you, baby,” he growled, sounding desperate as his fingers dug into both my thighs. He wrapped them around my waist while he surged into me.

I threw my arms around his shoulders, unable to keep myself from gripping his silky hair as I gasped for breath. Evidently, my body had forgotten how huge he was.

“Tightest perfect pussy,” he breathed against my skin as he buried his face in my neck, his tongue licking at a bead of sweat on my skin. I shivered as we held still like that, feeling like a part of my soul had returned to me.

My insides were clenching at his cock, sucking it in as needy hunger spiraled through me. I wanted him closer, as close as I could get him.

“I was dying without you, little wolf,” he murmured, and I shivered at the ache in his voice. Hendrix had been so hot and cold on the island. Telling me I was his one moment, and then saying he could never be mine in the next. I wanted to feel like he’d been hurting while away from me just as much as I had.

He pushed further, expanding even more inside of me, although I didn’t know how that was possible.

I was biting my bottom lip from the stretch, and he softly rubbed my clit, magically relaxing my muscles so he could slip in all the way.

“Syn,” he moaned as he withdrew, and then slammed back into me, the force of it silencing my breath as I choked out his name.

“Love how you take me, baby.” He stroked in and out of me, hitting the entrance to my cervix every time.

“I’m so close already,” he breathed as he paused for a moment and brushed his lips against mine. His forehead met mine again as he slowly fucked me, the moment so intimate and offsetting that I felt the inane urge to weep from the joy crashing into me. He licked at my tears, every move fucking me so deep I was more than getting my wish for him to be closer to me. I could feel my wetness slipping down my thighs as his heavy sack hit me with every thrust.

“Baby,” he growled, as his strokes grew more intense. He gripped my thighs and slammed me down on his cock until I was crying out with every thrust.

“I’m so close. You need to cum. Show me how much you’ve missed me. Show me how much you need this.”

“I need this,” I gasped as the tension built inside once again. I was gripping his hair so hard, it was a miracle he still had any as I moved closer and closer to an explosion.

“I’ll kill any creature that dares to touch you again, Syn. You’re mine. Mine!” he seethed. And honestly, his possessive words just did it for me. The flutter that had been building turned into an outright hurricane inside of me as I catapulted over the edge into the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. He slammed into me hard, his tongue wrapping around me as he gasped into my mouth.

“You’re fucking choking my cock, baby.” He buried his face against my neck again, and his rhythm faltered as he let out the hottest fucking sound I’d ever heard as he spurted inside me, over and over. So much that it joined my wetness seeping down my thighs.

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