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The feel of it sent another orgasm ricocheting through me, and I was full-on weeping by the end.

We just stayed there for a long moment, our breaths combining, the sensations of pleasure still wrapping around my body.

It was official. This had to be real. He was still here. He was still with me.

I wasn’t alone anymore.

Hendrix groaned as he withdrew, and I mewed in dismay at how empty I felt.

I realized there were a million questions that needed to be asked, but I really just wanted him to hold me.

Now that he was here, I realized even more how I’d just been holding onto sanity by a thin thread this whole time. Maybe most would have seen this as my chance to start over, but I’d been changed on that island. I didn’t know it was possible for me to ever truly live a normal life.

I needed the edge of danger and pain that they gave me.

Speaking of they…

“River! Caspian! Are they alright?” I asked frantically, wanting to slap myself for being so focused on the fucking part of the reunion when I wasn’t even sure they were alive.

He gathered me back in his arms and softly stroked my hair. “Shh, little wolf. It’s okay. Caspian and River are fine. I just won the toss to come get you while they watched over things at home.”

I opened my mouth to finally ask how he’d survived—and where he’d been all this time…and then I saw Logan’s body on the floor.

“What are we going to do with the body?” I asked with a frown, knowing I should be feeling something about Hendrix having killed him…maybe some anxiety at least. But I felt nothing other than annoyance…because now we were going to have to get rid of him instead of spending my time doing what I really wanted with Hendrix. Which was getting in bed with him and staying there for the foreseeable future.

“What the fuck were you doing on a date, Syn, is the better question? That boy signed his death warrant the second he sat next to you tonight,” Hendrix growled, kicking Logan’s body to the side as he strode towards the bathroom.

“You were at the bar,” I accused with a frown as he reappeared a second later with a wet washcloth that he used to clean me up. Since I was still just standing there with cum dripping down my legs.

I flushed, wondering how the clean-up process could feel more intimate than the sex part sometimes.

He tossed the washcloth on the kitchen counter to the right of us before tucking himself back in his pants.

“It took us a while to track you down. Now, answer the question. What the fuck were you doing letting someone else touch you?”

“It’s been five months,” I whispered to him in answer, wanting to cry all over again just thinking of everything that had happened. His gaze softened and he gently stroked my cheek, brushing a soft kiss against my lips before I continued. “But tonight was supposed to be a hangout. Definitely not a date. That was a surprise. And judging by how he tried to rape me at the end, a huge mistake…”

Hendrix swept me up in his arms and strode towards my tiny bedroom, pulling my sheets down before laying me on the bed. He kicked the door shut before he sat next to me and pulled out his phone.

“I need a cleanup,” he snapped abruptly into the phone before ending the call and tossing it on the nightstand.

Then he stood up and began to strip, reminding me belatedly that he’d been fully clothed the entire time he’d fucked me against the wall.

Why was that so hot?

“Take your dress off,” he ordered and I found myself obediently slipping it off as I watched inches of his tan skin be revealed.

I frowned when I saw another new scar across his chest, and I softly ran my finger across it. His body trembled at my touch.

“Do you—think they’re hideous?” he asked roughly, his finger gesturing to the scar across his face.

“I think they just make you hotter,” I admitted truthfully, and his answering grin was almost blinding with how beautiful it was.

He got into the bed and slipped behind me, wrapping his arms around my body until I felt like purring. My wolf was lazily moving around inside of me, completely calm for the first time since everything had happened.

Hendrix reached over me to turn off the lamp and then continued holding me. I heard my front door open outside the bedroom and I jerked.

“It’s just the crew to get that asshat’s body,” he murmured soothingly.

“How do they have my—never mind. Of course you would have it figured out to have your team already have the key to my apartment. Why would I think otherwise?” I said. And he chuckled against me, his tongue licking at the back of my neck. I shivered, trying to decide whether my aching pussy was actually capable of going another round.

It was literally aching from the pounding he’d just given me. And the million orgasms.

I absentmindedly stroked his arm as we laid there in the dark. Fifteen minutes after they’d come in, I heard my front door close. At least I wouldn’t be sleeping near a dead body tonight. Although with Hendrix, I’m not sure that would even affect me.

“So, tell me what happened,” I finally said, my mind whirling as I thought about that day on the island. The explosion. Searching for their bodies. The aftermath.

“We were fine after the first blast. But the second one…it trapped us under a section of the house. All three of us.” His grip tightened on my body as if he was afraid that I was going to be ripped away from him once again. “We were passed out for who knows how long. All I know was that by the time our team of soldiers got there for backup, the government had already been there, grabbed the bodies, and set up a bomb to get rid of any they missed.”

I gasped. “They told me that the bodies were in pieces. That there was nothing they could do.”

He laughed roughly, the sound of it sending shivers falling down my spine. “Maybe there were pieces, but there were infinitely more pieces when they blasted the island to smithereens once again. We were on the beach, being loaded into a boat when it went off. He snarled. “I lost five men in that blast, and Caspian’s concussion was so bad from being thrown into the side of the boat, that he didn’t wake up for another few days.”

“But you said he’s okay, right?” I asked, fidgeting around in his arms until he loosened his hold enough that I could turn and face him. He stroked my hair again, and I closed my eyes with a sigh.

“He’s fine. We’re all fine,” he murmured once again. “But it took a while to recover enough that we could find you. One of my soldiers had seen them loading you on one of the boats, but by the time they dug us out from under the rubble of the house…and the third blast went off…you were long gone.”

“I searched everywhere for you before they came. I screamed out your name. You were probably not that far away from me the whole time,” I gasped, the terror of that evening and night spiraling through me.

“We wouldn’t have been able to hear you. We were all knocked out. The only reason that my soldiers could even find us was because I have a system on my watch that monitors my vitals and sends out a signal of my location if they get too low.”

I nuzzled my face against his chest, thinking of them trapped under a building, how close I’d really come to never seeing them again.

I wonder if my life would have ever recovered, or if I would have been stuck in that weird state of mourning forever.

“Do you have any idea who set off those blasts?”

“No,” he fumed, and I could feel his body trembling under mine at the thought.

“I’m glad you’re not dead,” I murmured, and he growled approvingly while petting my hair.

“I can tell, little wolf. That’s a very good thing.”

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