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My entire body trembled, my desire flaring.

Just as I felt him harden, he shifted his hips and pulled out of my mouth, a loud popping sound echoing around the room.

“Hey, I wasn’t finished,” I teased, sitting back on my heels and wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

“You’re amazing and so fucking beautiful, but do you really think if you wake me up by sucking my cock, I’m not going to go crazy until I fuck you?” He raked his fingers through his hair, his eyes flashing with lust. “Take your clothes off and spread your legs. Show me your perfect pussy and how wet sucking me off made you.”

I shouldn’t have been shocked, but his dirty mouth always did that to me. I might have made a muffled sound in response, forgetting for a moment that I’d just had the upper hand. With savagery in his gaze and the arousal painted over his expression, I doubted I stood a chance of controlling this beast.

And maybe I secretly didn’t want to. I let the dynamic change between us, the pleasure he rose in me aching for release. He hadn’t even touched me yet and I felt like I could come.

But I also didn’t want to give in too easily, either.

I climbed off the bed, leaving him lying there with the world’s biggest boner. “I’m tired now,” I teased him. “I think I’ll go to sleep.”

“Oh, Syn, you’ve been a very bad girl, haven’t you?” He pounced at me. One second he was in the bed, the next he towered over me.

His fingers slid across my shoulder, and he yanked my shirt up and over my head. The cool air teased my hard nipples. I didn’t even fight him…I didn’t have it in me.

Then he dropped to his knees and tugged down on my shorts. I barely had a chance to step out of them before his long tongue lapped across my drenched pussy.

I shuddered, crying out, my hands clasping on his shoulders. There was no gentleness about the way he ate me; he took what he wanted, tasted me, pulled at my lips. There was always something burning hot about having this dangerous man on his knees in front of me.

Suddenly, he pulled away and got to his feet. “I’m going to fuck you now, sweetheart. But because you misbehaved and didn’t show me your pussy when I demanded, we’re doing this my way.”

I blinked at him, half scared to ask him what he meant by that.

“I love seeing you shocked,” he murmured.

“As much as you were when you woke up?”

He laughed, the sound sending a buzz down my spine. “Do you have any idea what you’ve awakened?” he purred. “How I’ll be dreaming of that moment for months to come now, expecting that sweet little mouth over my cock all the time.”

“Is that what you want? For me to take your big dick back into my mouth? To suck you until you spill down my throat?”

“Ok. Fuck. I love when you talk like that.”

Before I could respond, he swept an arm around my ass, and he had me up and off my feet. Then we were walking onto the balcony. A slight sense of panic came over me, and he must have sensed my tensing.

“No one will see you from up here,” he soothed.

“Yes, they will, because I can see them.”

“Then next time show me your sweet pussy,” he whispered in my ear before placing me back onto my feet. In one movement, he spun me away from him, my face plastered to the glass doors.

“Now be a good girl for me and spread,” he growled. His hand swept between my legs, to where desire dripped down my thighs.

“Tell me how much you want me to fuck you,” he demanded in my ear, his tongue swirling around my earlobe while his finger plunged into me.

I moaned, my back arching.

“I want to hear what you want me to do to this naughty little cunt.”

“Fuck me,” I said defiantly, sticking my ass out toward him. “I’m ready for you.” These Alphas, they brought something out of me, a confidence about my body I’d always lacked.

Instead of fearing how they would react to the burns on my back, I was enjoying Caspian fingering me while running his tongue across my shoulder blades where the skin wasn’t smooth from the burn marks. He loved every inch of me just the way I was, and that made my heart flutter.

“Are you going to enjoy being punished? Or will this make you misbehave even more?”

“All depends on how good you are,” I teased, knowing I would gladly misbehave if it led to this every time..

He pulled out of me and stroked the length of my slick pussy all the way up to my ass crack. Then, in an unexpected move, he slapped my ass hard, the sound resonating through the silent night air.

“I’ll obey,” I whimpered, amid a moan at how good the slap felt.

“Good girl, because all actions come with consequences.”

“Where’s the consequences for your actions?” I blurted out as he stepped between my legs, his heavy cock sliding up and down my ass.

“Fucking you to teach you a lesson.”

I laughed at him, which only resulted in him roughly handling my hips and pulling them out as he pressed the tip of his cock at my entrance.

“Are you ready to scream for the guards down there, so they know exactly what I’m doing to you?”

I twisted my head to sear him with a fiery glare just as he pushed a bit more into me. “Asshole.”

“Your cunt is so fucking wet. I’m having some control issues right now.”

“Fuck control,” I whimpered. “But I’m not going to be screaming.”

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