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His laugh that time in my ear was pure evil, then he pressed into me. Squished against the glass door, the coldness against my breasts felt tantalizing, but nothing compared to his huge cock forcing itself into me.

I moaned louder than I intended as he surged into me without any pause. And suddenly I forgot we were on the balcony, forgot I had intended to tease him, forgot that I wasn’t going to scream.

He felt amazing, stretching me to the point of pain, filling me to complete satisfaction. The way Caspian fucked made me feel like I was the center of his universe, every inch of him was attentive to all my needs, to claiming me. He ripped the heart out of my chest with the passion he put behind his fucking. Surrounded by him like this, I felt like the most loved person in the universe.

Powerful hands gripped my hips, and he pounded into me from behind, his balls slapping me each time he drove deep. The stinging ache from his size and force only added to the exhilarating sensation.

I shook, my muscles trembling with how well he wielded my body under his control.

Suddenly, I was lifted off my feet and swung around to gaze out over the yard. Slight panic struck until he set me back down and ran a hand up my spine, pushing me forward as I held onto the railing.

“I need to go deeper,” he growled. “I want to sink all the way in, need you to remember my cock inside you.”

I groaned as he slapped harder and reached parts of me I thought weren’t possible to touch. With the way I was bent over and the vines growing across the railing, I was hidden from any eyes down below, but there was no mistake in what we were doing. Especially with the way Caspian roared like a beast, surging into me savagely.

Bent over, I breathed heavily, the pounding in my ears escalating the faster he went.

“You’re so beautiful,” he groaned. “Everything about you makes a man go crazy.”

I had no ability to speak with my body rocking back and forth, and every inch of me tensing as the build-up climbed through me. It came at me fast too, and I wanted to prolong the sensation, to drown in it.

I shattered, all of my muscles tightening, shuddering. That scream I’d tried so hard to tame burst past my lips. My voice echoed through the night across the yard, across the ocean. And I didn’t care.

Capsian growled, and jammed his rock hard cock all the way inside me, unmoving. I could feel his explosion inside me. My walls constricted around him, squeezing him, milking him for every last drop.

I forgot how long we were tangled, gasping in tandem until I caught my breath. Caspian pulled out of me. Instantly, I felt the warm spill of his seed rolling down the inside of my legs.

“Spectacular,” he murmured. Then, in a move I hadn’t expected, he ran his cock along my inner thighs and pushed it back into me. “But I want my seed to be buried deep inside you, not wasted.”

I smiled at his action and twisted my head to gaze at him over my shoulder. “So, what’s your suggestion? We stay out here all night like this?”

“While tempting, I have a better idea.” Wrapping his strong arms around my middle, he lifted me off my feet and walked us back into the bedroom. Somehow, he managed to maneuver us to lay back on the bed with him still pressed inside me.

Now, we laid on our sides, him behind me, cradling me against his body, his lips on my neck. “Fuck, Syn, you have no idea what you do to me. How much you mean to me. I never want you out of my sight. I want to stay like this…always.”

Curled up in his arms, exhaustion crashed over me. The sex had been rough but incredible, and it left me feeling completely consumed. “I like the feel of you inside me,” I admitted truthfully. “It’s like I’m never alone.”

“Baby. You’ll never be alone ever again. I’ll never let you out of my sight.” His soft kiss on my temple melted me. Large hands held me locked to him, and for now, I closed my eyes, wanting to pretend that I’d remain safe like this forever. That I’d finally found someone who adored me, someone who didn’t want to hurt me.

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