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Ipaced back and forth in the hallway outside of Syn’s bedroom, waiting for her and Caspian to…finish.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I was too anxious to see her and get our date started. I threw open the door, coming to a screeching halt when I saw that Caspian had Syn on all fours on the bed, and he appeared to be fucking her…ass.

I wanted her ass.

Fuck. That was so fucking hot. Caspian grinned at me and gave me a mock salute, but he made no move to stop, and Syn didn't seem to be in any hurry either. Although I was tempted to try and join in, I walked over to the armchair beside the bed instead and undid my jeans, pulling out my painfully hard shaft, thinking I’d just watch.

Syn’s erotic moans filled the room, and just at the sound of them, I was pretty sure I could cum.

The smack of their skin against each other, the sway of her breasts as he pounded into her over and over...

I was dying.

I was about to take matters into my own hands, when Syn’s heavy-lidded gaze focused on me. "I need you," she cried, sounding almost like she was in pain. I quickly jumped out of the chair and stood next to the bed, sliding my hand gently down her spine, admiring her beautiful skin that had grown golden through all her hours spent in the sun.

"I want — to taste you."

Caspian and I exchanged grins. I wasn't about to object to that. I pulled my pants down a little more and got on the bed.

She reached out and grabbed my dick, not bothering with any niceties as she licked at the head before wrapping her fucking incredible lips around it and sucking up the copious amounts of pre-cum I was gushing.

She moaned around my cock, and Caspian cursed, slapping one of her ass cheeks as his other hand gripped her hip tighter.

"None of that, love," he groaned. "I'm not near done with you, and you're going to make me cum if you keep on making those sexy little noises."

Syn’s lips…were made for blow jobs. That might've been a weird thing to say, but I'd had a lot of women's mouths wrapped around my dick, and not a single one had looked as painfully erotic as what I saw every time I had the pleasure of receiving one from Syn.

She was teasing me, continuing to lick and suck at the head while the rest of my cock was desperate for her. I grabbed her ponytail and wound it around my hand, pulling on it slightly so her gaze danced back up to mine.

"Sure you want to tease me, sweetheart?" I purred. "I'm sure Caspian would have no problem teasing you right back."

At that remark, Caspian slapped her ass again.

"Fuck, she just gushed. It’s dripping down my balls," groaned Caspian, and she gave me a naughty wink before finally sliding her mouth farther down my shaft. Syn wasn't able to reach the bottom at first, but she tipped her head back like the good girl she was and relaxed her throat, and then she was deep throating me like a motherfucking champion.

I couldn't help but take over, slamming my hips a few times roughly into her perfect fucking mouth.

She moaned again but didn't tap my thigh to stop me.

"You feel so fucking perfect, sweetheart. I want this mouth…and your pussy forever."

“Haven’t I said that before?” Caspian barked with a laugh, but it was cut off when her orgasm clamped down on him. I could feel her trembling against me.

"Fuck. You’re choking my dick," he breathed as his head fell back and he moaned loudly as he came.

I was getting close, but I decided right then I didn't want to finish in her mouth. I missed her pussy too much.

I pulled out of her mouth, enjoying the long draw of her tongue against the underside of my cock as I did so.

Caspian had pulled out of her ass by then, and I wasted no time flipping her around and sliding my dick in her sopping wet channel.

She was fucking perfect.

"Such a dirty girl turned on by getting her ass fucked," Caspian drawled, leaning against the bed and watching us with his hands behind his head.

I forgot all about him as her warm heat clenched around me, her soft sighs echoing my own thoughts that this was where I belonged. I lifted her up and down on my dick, adjusting her hips so I could find just the right angle to make her scream.

I slid my hand to the front of her and started massaging her clit in the way that I knew always made her cum. I knew Caspian had already taken care of her with most likely several orgasms, but she was going to cum again.

"It's too much," she cried out, and I licked at her neck, my teeth aching from the urge to bite down and claim her forever as mine.

But we needed to talk first.

I set out for today to be sweet, but look at what she and Caspian had made me do.

"Cum," I growled, pressing on her clit with a little more pressure.

That was enough to set her off, her walls strangling my shaft as she came, sending me catapulting over the edge. I would've loved to fuck her longer, but she just felt too good.

I moved her up and down my cock a few more times, enjoying the sensations, until it became too much. I slowly slid out of her and laid her back down on the bed, stepping off so I could walk to the bathroom and grab a washcloth to clean her up.

"You get five minutes of rest and then we’re going on our date," I called over my shoulder. I laughed when I saw her waving her hand, too worn out to say anything back.

She was probably going to need a nap after what had just happened. It would be a hardship to lay there wrapped around her, but I thought I was up for the job.

* * *

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