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She leaned back and rested her hands behind her, on the tops of his thighs, digging her nails into his flesh as both of their bodies tensed with their climaxes. She picked up her motions and then stilled, her juices flowing out of her and covering his cock. That was all it took to send him over the edge.

He grabbed her waist and slammed into her once, twice, and on the third time he shouted out his release. Her pussy continued to contract around him, her gasp of pleasure an aphrodisiac all on its own. She sucked in one last lungful of air and collapsed on his chest.

He wrapped his arms around her, running his fingers up and down her back as they both breathed heavily. He moved to his side, Neeka making soft sounds as he pulled out of her, grimacing at how snug she was around his shaft. He looked down at her as she rolled onto her belly, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open.

He slipped on his boxers and brought his gun to sit next to him on the bedside table. She could rest for a little while, but then they had to move, had to leave. She was his priority, her safety on the top of his list.

But it wasn’t just because he’d been hired to get her back, but that he was feeling things for her, intense and emotional things that threatened to break down his wall.

Gage couldn’t help but pull her into his arms, her body fitting perfectly against his as he breathed out. How long had it been since he’d felt this way?


It was then that he finally let himself feel the emotions that she awoke in him. Never had he felt such strong feelings for another person. But even though he knew how much he cared about her, knew how much he wanted her, he also knew he couldn’t have her. His life, profession, was too violent and shady, and being with her was putting her in a hell of a lot of danger that was always around him.

He would have to leave her with Edward McCarthy and not look back. That was what was best for her.

Then why does it feel so fucking wrong?



“Neeka, wake up.”

Neeka slowly opened her eyes, the darkness like a cloak, but fear not assaulting her. She could smell Gage’s intoxicating aroma waft all around her, could feel his body heat surround her, and finally felt safe for the first time since her capture.

“Neeka, wake up.”

His hand was on her shoulder and he shook her gently.

“You need to get dressed.”

She felt him leave the bed, and she wrapped the blankets around her body, not ready to get up. The air conditioner was still blowing out arctic air, and the fact that she was nude wasn’t helping her stay warm now that she was alone in the bed.

But as she finally woke up she realized she wasn’t safe, not as much as she’d like, and not even though Gage was here. Her life was still in danger.

She sat up, seeing Gage already dressed and by the window. A sliver of light speared into the room, the setting sun evident through the small crack in the curtain. She heard car doors slamming, which made her heart rate pick up.

“Get dressed now.” His voice was hard, unyielding.

Quickly putting on the clothes she’d had on before, she tried to calm herself, but it was no use. “Have they found us?” she whispered

“I’m not sure. It’s two men in street clothes driving a beat-up pickup. It could be nothing, but I want you to be prepared to leave if I give the word.”

“How long have I been sleeping?”

“Just a few hours.” He looked down at her, the light from the setting sun painting his face in a muted gold hue. He leaned down and kissed her gently, his attention going back to the window. And then after a second he stepped away and started rifling through his duffle bag, his movements brisk yet coordinated.

He strapped a gun to his waist, one to his ankle, a knife to his calf, and put another handgun at the small of his back. He moved back to the window and for a second was motionless, hard as stone.

In the next instant, Gage grabbed her arm and was pushing her into the bathroom.

“They’ve found us.”

“What? How do you know? How can you be sure?”

“The manager pointed our room, and I saw them get guns off the back of their truck.” He moved in front of her, popping open the window as if he had done it a million times.

She looked between him and the window, finally realizing he wanted her to go through it. “What? You want me to squeeze through that small hole?” He already had her hand and was dragging her toward the window. “I can’t fit through it.”

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