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“We’ll make you fit through it, because the alternative is not an option.”

Her heart slammed hard against her chest, and she looked at him, fear surrounding her. “I’m scared, Gage.”

“I know, baby. I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you again, but you have to trust me and listen to everything I say, okay?” He cupped her cheek. “No matter what you see or hear, I want you to promise me you’ll leave if things get too fucked. Can you promise me that?” He shoved the keys to the SUV in her hand.

She shook her head, but he was already pushing her toward the window. “You’ll be out soon, right?” There was obvious fear in her voice.

“Yes, but I have to hold these men off if it comes down to that, which I’m sure it will. There will be more coming, no doubt about that.” He pressed his mouth against hers before lifting her up.

The fit was tight as hell as she squeezed through the window. The wind blew dirt around, and she held her breath so she didn’t cough. She gripped onto the edge of the window and slowly let herself slide down the wall. As soon as her feet touched the ground, the bathroom window shut silently.

She looked up at the dingy, frosted glass, gripping the keys so tightly they dug into her palm. The SUV was no more than five feet from her, but she didn’t get in, not right away, and not even though that was the smart thing to do. She couldn’t leave Gage.

I can’t leave him. I care about him, maybe more than I should.

She pressed herself against the wall, and only seconds later heard knocking on the front door. There was silence for what seemed like forever after those knocks, and the longer she held her breath, the more her heart pounded.

And then gunshots rang out along with the sound of breaking glass and loud swearing.

Get in the SUV where it’s safe.

She heard Gage’s voice in her head, that deep, husky timbre that didn’t take no for an answer. She made her way toward the SUV, not about to leave Gage, but knowing it was safer and smarter. She started the car, but sat there for a second, feeling sweat line her temples as she thought of what to do. And then she realized she had to help Gage. Maybe she was nothing compared to him, had no training, or expertise when it came to these situations, but she was tired of being a victim and tired of being afraid.

Pulling out from behind the motel, she maneuvered the big vehicle to where their room’s door was and came to a stop, her breath stalling.

She could still hear the sound of a gun going off and worried about Gage’s safety, even if she knew he could handle himself.

“Come on, Gage,” she whispered to herself. And then a body flew through the window of the motel room she was just in, and a cry of surprise left her.

It’s not Gage.

The bloody body of the man that crashed through the window lay no more than five feet from her, shards of glass embedded in his face, blood starting to pool around him. She shivered at the sight as she pressed herself against the back of the seat.

Come on, Gage.

And as if he’d heard her Gage and a huge looking man crashed through the partially open front door. They were wrestling on the ground, each of them holding a gun and trying to aim it at the other, trying to get the upper hand. One of the guns went off and the bullet slammed against the car door, having an involuntary scream leaving her.

God, what in the hell were you thinking? You should have stayed in the back.

Yes, but she’d been thinking she could be the getaway car if Gage needed it.

You’re a fool, a fucking fool. He is a trained killer. He can handle himself.

The man beneath Gage lifted his hand, the gun he held pointing straight toward Gage’s head. And as she was ready to jump out of the car, do something, anything, Gage twisted out from under him and started beating his face with his fist.

Neeka couldn’t tear her eyes away as she stared at Gage hitting this man over and over again, blood covering his knuckles. And when the man lay lifeless Gage grabbed his gun, aimed it at the center of his head, and pulled the trigger like it was nothing.

And as she sat there, stunned, not sure what to think, Gage was already off the man, grabbed his duffle bag, and was striding toward the SUV. She scrambled into the passenger seat, and when he was in his SUV and peeling out of the parking lot, dirt spraying up everywhere, she felt the chill in the air.

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